Optimise your L&D with Customised Assessments

Helping you identify training needs, map out skill-matrix, hyper-personalise learning, and measure outcomes of learning efficiently. Yaksha will help you leverage skill assessments to align your Learning and development to business outcomes.

L&D with Customised Assessments
tailor-made assessments

Skill Gap Analysis for identifying training needs

Measure the gap between the skills needed and the skills currently possessed by your employees to successfully identify training needs. Find skill-gaps and hyper-personalise L&D for your employees.

Pre and Post training Assessments

Integrate Yaksha assessments with your learning ecosystem or set up stand-alone assessments before and after training to successfully measure the learning impact.

Pre and Post training Assessments
Competency Framework

Competency Framework

Using Yaksha Competency Framework/Skill Matrix solutions, you can identify, visualize, and access the abilities and competencies of your workforce. It also enables expectation and goal setting for team members, aligns L&D to performance, and thereby objective and unbiased performance discussions.

Optimise L&D with the right IDEs

Align your tech learners with your organisation’s daily programming environment and get them accustomed to it.  

Choosing the right IDEs will help your learners become productive and collaborative faster, making them deployable quicker. 

Currently available IDEs on the platform: 

mapping skill gaps

Project Readiness Analysis

Want to identify the right fits for upcoming projects or identify training needs so that your employees are aligned to internal job roles or gauge the potential of your employees for various projects in your organisation. Team Yaksha is here. From skill assessments to building a competency framework, Yaksha helps you plan for Internal Job Movement or Deployment end-to-end

Talent Benchmarking

Transform your people analytics by truly understanding the skills and potential of your talent. Measure and benchmark the talent of your organisation with various assessments, challenges, and insightful reports.

Talent Benchmarking

Create Assessments to Evaluate Candidates in 70+ Programming Languages & Skills

Programming languages

Everything you need to transform L&D and people analytics

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