Reduce time to hire by streamlining your interview process

To enable you to cut down the number of interview rounds, Yaksha can help you screen candidates, administer assessment tests to selected candidates and conduct remote interviews with online proctoring. 

Cut down lengthy interview process

To help reduce the number of interview rounds, it’s important that the candidates be screened properly. Go through the profiles carefully and only shortlist those who have the necessary qualifications. You can also have a short phone call to understand the candidate’s qualifications and work experience after which you can decide whether they should go further to the next round.  

Screen candidates and send links to assessments to the qualified candidates with Yaksha by seamlessly integrating it with your Applicant Tracking System. 

Leverage screening assessments

This is another step that can greatly help reduce the number of interview rounds. Administer technical assessments to the screened candidates to check them on various skills necessary for the job role. These tests can also be taken online.  

Build customized technical assessment solutions for your hiring needs with Yaksha. 

Simplify Tech Interviews

It is common for IT recruiters to take multiple rounds of interview for a job role. But taking more than a certain number of interviews can also make the hiring inaccurate. A study by Google concluded that they needed only four rounds of interview to hire with high accuracy. What is good enough for Google can be good enough for other tech companies.  

The interviews can also include assessments to make the hiring more accurate. If these tests are being conducted online, to be fair and aboveboard, you can use online proctoring.   

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