Get your new hires up to speed with pre-joiner engagement

To enable pre-joiner engagement, Yaksha can help you onboard your new employees by understanding their skills gaps and accordingly upskilling them before deployment. 

Onboard employees with interesting challenges

To engage your newly recruited employees, you can sign them up for codathons and stackathons. That will certainly get their creative juices flowing. You can also register them for online courses to brush up their concepts in technologies that they need to work with. 

Conduct online codathons and stackathons for your employees with Yaksha. 

Align new joiners to roles and upskill based on skill gaps

Before the employee is deployed to any project, you can give them a quick assessment test to check if they need to learn about any new technologies corresponding to their job role. Depending on which skills are lacking, sign them up for an upskilling program. Closely monitor their progress at the program by using technical assessments. Once the training is complete, you can give them a final assessment, post which they are ready to the deployed. 

Map out the skill gaps of your employees using technical assessment solutions from Yaksha. 

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