Sourcing talent online

To enable you to source talent online, Yaksha can help you identify qualified candidates by screening, administer technical assessments to shortlist candidates and engage them with online codathons and stackathons 

hire tech talent
hire tech talent

Find top tech talent for your
job roles

Hiring online while tedious, can be quite convenient. First and foremost, dig through all the job applications and identify profiles that are suitable for role. Take the selected candidates ahead to the next round.  

Screen candidates based on qualification and experience, and automatically send them links to assessment tests with Yaksha by integrating it with your Applicant Tracking System. 

Set up the right screening assessment mix

Administer technical assessments online to the shortlisted candidates. To make sure that the tests are fair and aboveboard, you can use online proctoring.  

Set up online proctoring for remote testing to have a safe and reliable assessment experience for your hiring with Yaksha. 

hire tech talent
hire tech talent

Create candidate-friendly hiring practices

Once the candidates are selected for the roles, you can keep them engaged with codathons and stackathons. This also helps you understand their strengths and problem-solving ability according to which you can place them in their new job role. 

Host codathons and stackathons online and judge the candidates on various technologies with Yaksha. 

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