Internal Job Movement

To enable you to hire internally, Yaksha can help you identify potential employees, administer technical assessments to screen them, select candidates based on detailed assessment reports and make a progression career plan for the selected candidates.

Identify the right-fits for
open roles

Get a list of all the open positions in the organization and collate them. Then identify potential employees who are eligible and qualified to fill the roles and map them to the open positions.  

Map the skill matrix of your organization to identify potential candidates for the open roles with Yaksha.  

Design skill assessments

Create a step-by-step evaluation process that assesses different types of knowledge and skills with customized skill assessment tests.  

 Build customized assessment solutions across different rounds for your campus hiring efforts with Yaksha. 


Analyze the assessment reports and based on how the employees have performed, select the ones that are eligible.  

Create tailor-made assessment report to help you analyze and select the best fits for your open roles with Yaksha. 


Map out the career plan for your selected candidates so that they are aware of the trajectory their career will take while they work in your organization.   

Map out career trajectory for the employees by building customized assessments for leadership roles with Yaksha. 

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