Retain your best talent with employee engagement

To enable you to engage employees, Yaksha can help you conduct online codathons and determine skill gaps through technical assessments so that you can upskill them in the right technologies.  

Set up innovative coding challenges

Encourage your employees to participate in codathons and stackathons. This will greatly help to build their skill portfolio and increase their confidence in their own abilities. An added bonus is also that these competitions often have a large prize and perks to go with it, not to mention the active networking that happens.  

Host codathons and stackathons online, customized to your purpose with Yaksha. 

Build personalised learning journeys

Employees can become stagnant in their career if they don’t upskill. Arrange for the right trainings to the employees as per their skill gaps. Skill gaps can be determined by giving them assessments that test their skills.  

Build customized assessment solutions to test your employees on their skills with Yaksha.  

Chart out succession plans

Map out the career plan for your employees so that they are aware of the trajectory their career will take while they work in your organization.  

Map out career trajectory for the employees by building customized assessments for leadership roles with Yaksha. 

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