Hire Top Tech Talent Across Multiple Competencies

Access role-based, skill-based, project-based, and various other assessments to hire top industry experts that are skilled across various competencies.

Hire the right fits for tech roles, every time!

Yaksha is the industry-leading tech hiring and assessments platform helping HR professionals identify, screen, and hire tech talent across multiple roles. With accurate assessments that test knowledge, skills, and application, Yaksha helps you find candidates with the right skill-job fit.

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Campus/Fresher Hiring

Campus/Fresher Hiring

Screen candidates in volumes, set up screening assessments, and coding challenges to engage and hire efficiently for all your campus hiring efforts. Hiring freshers is easy when you have Yaksha assessments.

Lateral Hiring

Hire experienced tech talent seamlessly with Yaksha’s Lateral Hiring Solutions. 

  • Customised role-based assessments for job roles across all levels 
    • Level 1: Technical MCQs 
    • Levels 2 and 3: Technical MCQs + Coding Assessments 
    • Levels 4 and above: Technical MCQs + Project-Based Assessments 
  • Customisable real-time assessment reports 
  • Vast content library for 15000+ tech courses 

Lateral Hiring

Use Yaksha’s intuitive platform to create assessments for any skill levels across the different unique tech roles (Not just limited to developers or coders) Create coding and project-based assessments or let Yaksha’s SMEs curate tailor-made assessments for your lateral hiring needs.

tailor-made assessments
on-demand interview-as-a-service


Yaksha offers on-demand interview-as-a-service to help you identify the right candidates across tech roles. Yaksha’s IaaS can help you save time and speed up your hiring by 2X by interviewing and screening the candidates as per your hiring needs.

Internal Job Movement

Want to identify the right fits for internal job roles or gauge the potential of your employees for various projects in your organisation? Team Yaksha is here. From skill assessments to building a competency framework, Yaksha helps you plan for Internal Job Movement or Deployment end-to-end.

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Employee Engagement

Engage with your workforce by creating community coding challenges, hackathons, or coding competitions. Foster innovation, problem-solving, and collaboration within your teams.


Assessments can be a part of the appraisal not to assess previous performance but rather understand the training needs. Role-based assessments can be leveraged to gauge the potential of the candidates and chart out their career paths.


Create Assessments to Evaluate Candidates in 70+ Programming Languages & Skills

Programming languages

Source, screen, interview, and hire across any tech role easily with Yaksha

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