Competency Matrix 2023 – A Modern Approach

Traditional competency matrices are no longer sufficient to identify and assess the skills and abilities of employees. By adopting a modern competency matrix, organizations can take a more holistic approach to talent management, build more effective teams, and achieve their strategic objectives more effectively.  

What you can expect to learn in this eBook

  • A modern definition of Competency Matrix. 
  • Differences between Traditional and modern Competency Matrix 
  • Popular elements of a good Competency Matrix. 
  • Best Practices in implementation of a Competency Matrix with examples. 

Everything You Need To Know To Hire Tech Talent.

The ultimate resource(eBook) for HRs and recruiters who are hiring tech talent across multiple roles and tech stacks.

Key Takeaways of this eBook:
  • How to hire tech talent effectively? 
  • What skills to consider for each role? 
  • Pre-employment assessments needed for key job roles 
  • Insights on hiring full stack, DevOps, Data Science, and Cloud roles 

Who is it for? 

  • Recruiters, especially IT recruiters 
  • HR professionals 
  • Talent acquisition specialists 
  • VPs, CHROs, and other senior HR professionals who want to build a data-driven talent strategy 

Save Time in Interview Process: Screen, Assess & Hire Candidates Effectively

This e-book compiles insights from tHRob – Yaksha eVALU@E webinar featuring guest speakers Sahil Nayar, (Senior Associate Director at KPMG), Ms. Annapurna A., (Head of HR & Admn. of Fime India Private Limited) and Sindhu Kalyanasundaram, (Director of Sarva Happiness and Ignite Akademi).

Key Takeaways

Here we collate some answers to questions related to strategy, culture, and policies that will help organizations not just attract and engage but also continue retaining top talent.

  • HR is currently facing the tug of war for talent. Only employee-centric strategies are going to help them win.
  • Look within the organization for talent and cross-skill them to fit the new role
  • An employee who is engaged has one intrinsic trait – that is the sense of belonging
  • Knowledge can help you talk but skill sets help you deliver
  • Organizations that allow work to be measured on results and not how many hours you logged, are the organizations that are seeing the best of talent work for them