Smoother Internal Job Movements: Transforming Tech Teams Made Easy

Nurturing, retaining and leveraging human capital is the key for organisations to stay in the forefront of innovations that drive their progress, and profits. And this is where an efficient assessment of existing talent becomes the key for organisations to deploy its manpower efficiently so as to maximise the firm’s profits, from the business perspective and at the same time enhance employee’s engagement and satisfaction. In this e-book we will see how internal job movements plays a strategic role and how Yaksha – the assessments engine helps the firms in making the transition of its employees through job roles smoothly and efficiently.  

Key takeaways

  • Internal job movements present an opportunity to maximise potential of human capital  
  • Aligning lateral hires with company culture and bridging skills gap spells success. but is challenging. 
  • Focus on external recruitment could demotivate existing employees; internal job movements offer growth prospects, makes employees loyal. 
  • An efficient, fair and objective assessments engine is the key for an appropriate internal job movements strategy 
  • Learn how to make your workforce the most efficient with up-to-date skills with our e-book, “Smoother Internal Job Movements: Transforming Tech Teams with Yaksha’s Assessment Engine.”  Download now to see how the Yaksha assessment engine works and how it can help you get your workforce up to speed and ready to take on any challenges and get deployed on projects.  
  • Internal job movements form dynamic strategy to not only nurture existing talent but also to create an agile, versatile workforce with the help of Yaksha’s assessment engine.  

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