Ultimate checklist for L&D assessments

Learning and development is critical, especially in the context of digital transformation. Employee training and development requirements are changing at a rapid rate, as is technology. And the L&D team should be helping employees gain new skills to stay relevant.

What plans do you have in place to ensure training effectiveness?

Here’s a checklist to help you stay on track.

Ultimate checklist for L&D assessments

Training Needs Analysis

  • Determine business goals
  • Identify training goals based on business goals
  • Identify the what, why, & who of training
  • Set up skill assessments to identify gaps
  • Arrive at skill-gaps & evaluate improvement areas on an individual level
  • Research on learning styles & plan personalized learning journeys
  • Explore different modes of delivery & select the ones that suit your learner & organizational requirements
  • Repurpose existing or previous training programs content where possible
  • Identify possibilities of cross-skilling
  • In the case of customized self-paced or blended learning, train the delivery partners
  • Set up KPIs & metrics for training that will reveal the success of the program


New Hire Induction

  • Outline company’s goals
  • Explain team’s & individual KPIs
  • Provide job-specific tools
  • Provide FAQs & resources
  • Schedule one-on-one meetings


Virtual Employee Training

Before First Day

  • Share a first-day agenda
  • Share virtual meeting invites
  • Share employee handbook
  • Share FAQ document


On First Day

  • Outline company history
  • Set manager-employee meeting
  • Present business objectives
  • Explain team’s KPIs
  • Brief employee roles & responsibilities
  • Provide product demonstrations
  • Set up learning journey
  • Enroll to LMS or assign courses if already enrolled
  • Set milestone assessments
  • Set end-of-training goals & assessments


Assessing Learning Impact

  • Track KPIs & objectives of training
  • Include quick assessments & milestone assessments
  • Evaluate if assessments are helping learners progress
  • Put skills into practice with hands-on labs
  • Work with internal stakeholders
  • Identify skill retention by tying learning with performance
  • Get feedback from learners
  • Use LMS assessment tools
  • Curate the learning analytics
  • Review L&D programs

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