Ultimate Checklist for HR Professionals

Having a set of to-dos in place ensures that everyone on the tech hiring team is on the same page. It also keeps the hiring process going and aids decision-makers in identifying inefficiencies in each step of the recruitment process.

The talent acquisition of the future is already here. Right from sourcing candidates to final selection, incorporating right data/metrics and having a streamlined process helps the productivity and efficiency of tech hiring.

Use this comprehensive recruitment process checklist to standardize your company’s hiring procedures and ensure you can assist decision-makers in eliminating inefficiencies.

Ultimate checklist for HR professionals.

Candidate Assessment

Job posting

  • Establish job requirement
  • Write a recruitment ad
  • Identify job boards
  • Leverage networks & referrals
  • Gather applications & screen them in ATS.


  • Automate resume parsing
  • Automate shortlisting


  • Conduct Skills assessments
  • Conduct Technical Tests
  • Codathons/Stackathons
  • Job simulations

Background checks

  • Reference checks
  • Criminal record checks
  • Security clearance checks
  • Resume cross-referencing
  • Qualification verification
  • Work experience verification

Incorporate Data into Hiring

Understand the process

Streamline your hiring process

  • Cost per hire
  • Time to hire
  • Source of hire
  • Candidate experience scores
  • Job offers acceptance rates

Collect data efficiently

  • Use software to your advantage
  • Find different ways to collect data

Use the data efficiently for

  • Pipelining
  • Interviews
  • Job offers

Invest in data acquisition</h3.

Use data to evaluate

  • Optimizing internal recruitment
  • Discuss requirements for each position
  • Provide details about open roles
  • Write the job description
  • Send job opening ‘News’ email
  • Maintain careers area on your intranet.
  • Post company’s website
  • Review work samples & assignments
  • Keep candidates in loop
  • Be careful with bias
  • Focus on objective data

Choose the Right Assessment Platform for Tech Hiring

  • Simple to operate
  • Supports multiple types of assessments
  • Has automated reports & analytics
  • Supports coding & stack-based assessments
  • In-depth code quality reports
  • Anti-cheating measures
  • Remote proctoring
  • Online library of questions
  • Customizable options
  • Assessment options based on JDs of your organization
  • Automation capabilities for setting up assessments
  • Has good customer reviews
  • Easily accessible & 24X7 support

Questions to ask about AI Recruitment Solutions

  • Available 24/7?
  • Easy to integrate?
  • Scalable?
  • Help solve problems?
  • Provide data insights?
  • Avoid bias?
  • Easy to use?
  • Improve quality of hiring?
  • Automate screening?
  • Automate background checks?
  • Have pre-assessment?
  • Does it have a chatbot?
  • Make skillset recommendations?

Campus Recruitment Strategies for Tech Talent

  • Identify your requirements & goals
  • Leverage Digital Channels
  • Leverage careers page for online job applications
  • Invest in screening & assessment software
  • Set up codathons & stackathons
  • Host student events & tech challenges
  • Conduct virtual interviews

Interview Scheduling at Volume Recruitment

  • Use pre-hire assessments
  • Invest in high-volume hiring software
  • Use automation to speed up the process
  • Allow self-scheduled interviews
  • Integrate ATS for easier screening
  • Integrate assessments with video interviews
  • Recording & reviewing of the session

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