The Ultimate Checklist for Planning a Successful Hackathon

Internal Hackathon:

An internal hackathon is an event organized within a company or organization, 
where employees come together to collaborate, innovate, and develop new ideas or solutions. 
It serves as a platform for employees from various departments to showcase their skills, creativity, and 
problem-solving abilities. Internal hackathons are often driven by the organization’s desire to encourage innovation, 
foster cross-departmental collaboration, and address specific challenges or opportunities. 
Participants form teams, work on projects, and present their prototypes or solutions to a panel of judges. 
Internal hackathons can lead to exciting breakthroughs, new products or features, and a sense of camaraderie among 

External Hackathon:

An external hackathon is an event organized by a company or organization to engage with external participants, 
such as developers, students, or industry professionals. It provides a platform for individuals or teams to come 
together, brainstorm ideas, and work intensively on projects within a defined timeframe. 
External hackathons are often open to a wider audience and may focus on specific themes, challenges, or industries. 
These hackathons serve multiple purposes, including fostering innovation, creating networking opportunities, 
identifying talent, and promoting collaboration between the host organization and the participants. 
External hackathons often offer attractive prizes, mentoring, and networking opportunities to encourage participants 
to showcase their skills, push their boundaries, and develop groundbreaking solutions.

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