Questions to Ask Before Performing Training Needs Analysis

Employees must be skilled to perform complex tasks efficiently, cost-effectively, and safely in today’s competitive workplace. Training is a must especially for tech teams as they need to keep pace with the evolving tech in the industry. Training Analysis is a method for organizations to assess the current state of their training and plan for training better. This enables them to identify all of the training that must be completed within a specific time frame in order for their team to complete their work as efficiently as possible. How do you currently choose the type of internal training your team should receive? It can be difficult to ensure that you are selecting the appropriate training for each team member and drive the maximum benefit to the learner.

Let’s look at some of the most important questions to ask during a training needs analysis to ensure you get the most out of it:


  • What are the training goals and subsequently what are the business goals expected from the training program?
  • Who are the people you are looking to train? Is it a set of them, all of them?
  • Is there a skill-gap analysis report ready for the set of trainees?
  • What are the learning styles of the audience?
  • What would be the best-suited format or mode of delivery?
  • What are the existing training programs that are readily available, that can be repurposed?
  • Is the training role-specific or aimed at cross-skilling?
  • What impact does this program have on performance?
  • Who will be the trainers or training delivery partners?
  • What systems/software are you planning to track training execution and impact?
  • Who would be the people involved in the process and what are their key responsibilities?
  • What are the key metrics that determine the success of the program?

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