Questions to ask about AI Recruitment Solutions

While evaluating an AI recruitment solution, these questions will help you assess if you are getting your money’s worth. This checklist is to not just evaluate the AI but also to help you identify your needs and priorities while implementing the solution. Please keep in mind that you can ignore the questions that might not be necessary for your unique requirements. 

  • Is available 24/7? 
  • Is it easy to integrate? 
  • Does it enhance your candidate experience? 
  • Is it scalable? 
  • Does it help solve problems and not create more? 
  • Does it provide important data insights? 
  • Does it promote diversity and avoid bias? 
  • Can you do a proof of concept? 
  • Is it easy to use? 
  • Does it improve the quality of hiring of a bigger talent pool? 
  • Does it automate candidate’s screening, scheduling and saves time? 
  • Does it automate the process of background checks? 
  • Does it analyze a candidate’s expressions, capture and analyze their moods at video interviews? 
  • Does it have pre-assessment to enable recruiters to hire better and faster? 
  • Does it have the chatbot resolve candidates’ doubts that fall into frequently asked questions? 
  • Does it make recommendations from existing candidates’ experience and skillsets? 

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