How to Shift Towards Data-driven Hiring?

Companies all over the world are grappling with the problem of having too much data but no clear and efficient way to use it. Collecting data has never been easier thanks to new technologies. However, there is still a delay in how that data is processed and applied. All departments rely on a large amount of data to make decisions, and data-driven recruitment is emerging as a better alternative to traditional methods.

Data-driven recruitment is a data-driven approach to hiring that analyses a large talent pool and identifies candidates with the right skills, experience, and mindset to help the organization achieve its goals using technologies, techniques, and data. Recruiters will take a large talent pool and narrow it down using a variety of technologies until only the best candidate remains. Recruiters will have access to more data as this process is repeated. As your system analyses the data over time, new insights into metrics such as efficiency, cost, and quality will become available to you.

Here’s the checklist how to incorporate data into hiring:

  • Understand the process, maximize the data.

  • Streamline your hiring process by selecting the right data and use key recruiting metrics:

    – Cost per hire

    – Time to hire

    – Source of hire

    – Candidate experience scores

    – Job offers acceptance rates

  • Collect data efficiently:

    – Use software to your advantage

    – Find different ways to collect data

  • Use the data efficiently for:

    – Pipelining

    – Screening

    – Interviews

    – Job offers

  • Invest in new methods of data acquisition through applicant tracking software tool.

  • Know the limitations of your data and learn from mistakes to make a better hiring strategy in the future.

  • Use data to evaluate the past and plan for the future.

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