How to Choose the Right Assessments Platform?

With online hiring becoming the norm and a flood of assessment platforms in the market, it can be difficult to understand where different solutions fit and how they add value to your hiring process. Choosing an online assessment platform can be a challenging task. With the number of companies offering e-assessments increasing significantly, how can organisations ensure that they are investing in the best assessment platform for their needs? Without a doubt, online assessments are more effective than traditional testing methods. They’ve gained traction in hiring and recruitment. Online assessments are not only less expensive, safer, and more effective, but also serve as the foundation for pre-employment screening.

However, in today’s overcrowded digital assessment marketplace, determining which online assessment tool will need a little bit of homework. How difficult can it be, you ask? You need to consider pricing, scalability, and advanced functionality such as remote proctoring, reporting, user-friendliness, and so on. It’s a lot to take in, isn’t it?

To help you crack this enigma, here’s a checklist when choosing an assessment platform:

What types of assessments are you looking for (knowledge-based summative, skill-based, coding, behavioral, or work-integrated assessments)?

  • What anti-cheating measures does it provide?
  • How well does it connect with existing systems?
  • Is the software simple to operate?
  • Is it reachable from any location?
  • Is remote proctoring possible with this software?
  • Does the platform have an online library of questions and assessments?
  • Is the security provided by the tool adequate?
  • What methods does the software use to assess online?
  • Adaptive testing capabilities, customizable options, and brand-ability are all things to look for.
  • Does it provide quality reports and analytics?
  • For psychometric assessments, are all of the test development modules compliant with industry standards for psychometrics?

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