Follow This Checklist for Online Hiring

Online recruitment has quickly become the preferred method of talent scouting as recruiters begin to migrate into the digital realm. As a result, many businesses are paying more attention to their online recruiting strategies, with social media proving to be an especially effective way of finding new employees. Businesses can use various internet-based solutions, such as online advertising, job listings, social media, and company websites, to source and hire the best candidates through online recruitment. The widespread use of the internet for recruiting has made it easier to find candidates, conduct interviews, and complete the necessary paperwork to hire and train employees.
Online recruitment is a way for businesses to fill positions more efficiently and cost-effectively. Online recruiting requires less human interaction, reaches a much larger audience, electronically files records, and electronically provides selection tools. This lowers storage costs as well as the cost of employees needed to maintain and administer recruitment and selection procedures. If you’re in charge of a recruitment operation and the above benefits appeal to you, but you don’t have the time to manage an online recruitment campaign, why not enlist the help of the professionals?

Prior to Interview process:

  • Reach out to shortlisted candidates and administer online pre-employment tests.
  • Check interview candidates for availability.
  • Inform the interviewers about the interview meetup time.
  • Send a confirmation mail to the candidate about the interview date and timing: share an online meet link.

During the Interview Process:

  • Interview candidates using video interviewing software.
  • Test your technology; anticipate any technical issues your candidate might face during interview and have solutions to offer them.
  • Perform in-depth online assessments during the interview process to select candidates with the highest potential for job success.
  • Use the Applicant Tracking System to solicit employee referrals (ATS)

After the Selection Process:

  • Online Pre-employment testing: HR professionals can ensure any procedures related to other employment decisions—are equitable, reliable, valid, legal and cost-effective.
  • Online Candidate Verification; verify a candidate’s prior employment, education, and other background information through a provider that your ATS integrates with.

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