Follow This Checklist for Candidate Pre-employment Assessments

Recruiters use a candidate assessment process or framework to determine if an applicant is qualified for a specific position. The candidate evaluation process is tailored to the organization’s needs, and it typically considers cultural fit, skill competencies, behavioral and personality traits, education, and experience. Depending on the job requirements, seniority, and complexity of the role in question, different applicant assessment techniques will be used.

A candidate assessment programme should include a series of deliberate screenings and tests to help you objectively identify the best candidates. They should also be fair and balanced so that your candidates have a positive overall experience with your brand and are willing to work for you again if they aren’t chosen. Creating a framework or checklist that you can use for all job requisitions is one of the best ways to ensure an effective applicant assessment process.


You can use this candidate assessment checklist to create your own procedure:

Job posting and applications
  • Establish job requirements with the hiring manager 
  • Write a recruitment ad that speaks to your target audience 
  • Identify mainstream and niche job boards to post your job ads 
  • Leverage networks and referrals for applicants 
  • Gather applicants through your job portal, and collecting them in your ATS
Candidate screening  
  • Automate parsing of resumes and cover letters by your ATS
  • Automate shortlisting
Candidate testing
  • Skills tests
  • Technical Tests
  • Codathons/Stackathons
  • Situational assessments
  • Behavioral assessments
  • Cognitive ability tests
  • Communication tests
  • Job simulations
  • In-person, on-the-job tests
  • Assignments and presentations
Background check
  • Reference checks
  • Criminal record checks
  • Security clearance checks
  • Resume cross-referencing
  • Verification of education credentials
  • Verification of prior work experience and performance

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