Effective Campus Recruitment Strategies to Boost Your Hiring Game

Hiring fresh and talented candidates with new-age skills requires an effective and scalable campus strategy. However, there are a number of stumbling blocks in the campus hiring process for businesses. Companies face a three-part challenge: each pre-placement talk or to screen candidates necessitates coordinating leadership schedules, navigating timelines, and investing time, one campus (even if its virtual) at a time. Companies also devote time to conducting structured interviews and shortlisting candidates. HR and business leaders are grappling with the challenge of developing an effective hiring strategy that is also suitable for the long-term and sustainable in this age of intense competition for highly skilled talent. Recruiters are now faced with the challenge of hiring freshers in the face of fierce competition and an equally frustrating talent crunch.

Given how difficult it is to attract the right talent, here are a few campus recruitment strategies that recruiters can use to create an effective campus hiring strategy:

Preparation strategy for campus recruiting event:

  • Identify your goals and talent pipeline needs
  • Get the right people in the firm to conduct interviews

Campus recruiting strategy’s marketing and communications:

  • Leverage Digital Channels
  • Mobilize Your Careers Page

Apply campus recruiting technology solutions:

  • Invest in Talent Acquisition Management Systems
  • Conduct virtual interviews
  • Hackathons and Contests

Partnering strategy with college career services as part of your campus recruiting strategy:

  • Support career services to prepare students for job searching & application process
  • Bring alumni or peers as the company’s ambassadors
  • Offer office tours to student groups
  • Showcase your culture and diversity
  • Host or sponsor student events Follow up with students

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