A Checklist for New Employee Training in the Virtual World

With the right amount of planning, coordination, and the right tools, companies can virtually onboard new employees. At the best of times, onboarding new employees is a daunting and labor-intensive process, but it has been made even more difficult by the pandemic.

Virtual onboarding via a computer screen, thankfully, can be just as effective as traditional onboarding if you plan and prepare properly. A well-designed employee onboarding programme will aid in the retention of a highly engaged remote workforce, resulting in increased overall productivity and profitability. You’ve come to the right place if you want to improve your remote onboarding process and aren’t sure where to begin. Using a comprehensive checklist is a surefire way to ensure that your employee onboarding process runs smoothly. You’ll not only have peace of mind knowing that you’ve covered all of your bases, but you’ll also be creating an environment for your new hires that is conducive, engaging, and stimulating.

Here’s the Checklist:

Before New Employee’s First Day

Send a first-day agenda so they know what to expect.
Send virtual meeting invites and automate the flow.
Send manuals and instructions for creating corporate accounts.
Send a digital copy of your employee handbook to new employees so they can familiarize themselves with it and prepare any questions they may have.
Send out an FAQ document for new joinees.

On Employee’s First Day

Use a clear and crisp presentation outlining company history, mission statement and display company timeline with key achievements.
Set out meetings with reporting managers where the new employee’s tasks and present job-specific tools will be discussed.
Present business objectives related to the new employee’s position and team, as well as a list of helpful resources.
Display and explain reports that track the team’s KPIs.
Explain the roles of the various team members and how the new employee will interact with them.
Provide any product demonstrations that the new employee may require, as well as making time for the new employee to ask questions.

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