Streamline the interview process by screening, assessing, and hiring candidates efficiently

A leading technology services organization with an employee strength of 4000 had partnered with an assessment provider for their talent management needs. However, they were struggling with certain challenges over the last few cycles: 

  • Quality of talent 
  • Widespread catchment area whilst trenching into newer geographies 
  • While hiring numbers were being met, talent retention and performance suffered 

Upon investigation, it was observed that all the assessments and hiring-related processes they were using needed to be reviewed and revised immediately. This is when the customer reached out to YAKSHA for insights and expertise to improve their current talent management process for impactful results. 


Pre-employee assessments and evaluations are an excellent approach to discovering candidates’ skills, strengths, and weaknesses. This has been the conventional protocol for HR professionals when they are looking for the right person to fit a role in their organization. How efficient these assessments are and how they can be improved is still up for consideration 


  • Hiring through campus recruitments regularly in high volumes necessitates that the HR professionals need to find the best fits possible from hundreds (sometimes, thousands) of seemingly similar candidates.
  • HR recruiters are swamped. The demand for new employees is huge, and the supply of qualified candidates is limited. The hiring rates are high as well. Finding a strategic fit with competence and propensity requires a high degree of consistency.
  • Although organizations employ their distinctive approaches for assessments, the major challenges that still exist are:
  • Imperative time constraints for applicant selection, identification, interviews, and screening to choose the finest prospects.
  • For each position, a lot of candidates are being interviewed.
  • Ineffective talent matrix for the selected candidates for further deployment.
  • Furthermore, the lack of document review structure drains time between selection and acceptance.

Predominantly, HR professionals heavily rely on conventional assessments and an unstructured approach for end-to-end management. As a result, campus hiring is now an arduous and time-consuming process. We identified the needs and assessed the pertinent issues and the way forward as listed below:

Does the existing suite of hiring & assessment tools still work for their current talent management plans?
Why wasn’t the assessment blueprint revised as their needs changed?
What are the new assessment products that can be recommended by YAKSHA?
What do YAKSHA customers in the same space use?
What kind of conversions and talent quality is parsed using YAKSHA assessments by its other Customers?


  • Implementing technology to establish effective hiring assessments for the interview process would be the answer to most of these challenges. By slashing the amount of time required for screening, integrating the assessment platforms will primarily help HR professionals. The limitations can be overcome by end-to-end assessment platforms like Yaksha, which provides accurate and automatically graded reports on the skill sets of candidates through a broad range of evaluation formats. 
  • We presented a few of our cases along with detailed analytics to support our findings and recommendations. Keeping the end objective in mind – talent quality, retention, and performance – we focused on every aspect while designing and proposing our solution. We then recommended a two-pronged approach to help the client in their pursuit. 
  • We redefined their ‘campus blueprint’ for talent acquisition and included elements that measured a candidate’s verbal, analytical, behavioral, functional, Java and other domain skills. This helps gauge whether a candidate not only has the necessary skills for the role but also if they are a good cultural fit for the organization  
  • We included the usage of appropriate functional (coding) and behavioral assessments as a part of their continuous talent management exercise. With findings from regular assessment, people can focus on their upskilling needs, remain relevant, and grow with the organization 


  • Create a variety of tests as part of the hiring process (MCQs to test knowledge, coding tests/codathons to evaluate candidates’ skills). 
  • The candidates are automatically screened as they progress through multiple tests. 
  • Set up automatic proctoring and live screening while the assessments are being taken, as it eliminates the risk of non-compliance. 
  • Create reports detailing code quality, code smell, and problem-solving skills to get a better understanding of the coder’s abilities. 
  • Build custom code tasks that resemble problem statements from the work context to analyse the candidate’s best attributes. 
  • Our software integrates with other hiring softwares, so you can spend less time on document reviews and other tedious processes. 

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