Transforming Recruitment: slashing hiring time by 62% & cost by 76% with Yaksha Assessments

The Challenge

  • A global beverage company with over 500 beer brands and a significant presence in sports and music faced challenges in managing high-volume, high-stakes, fresher recruitment drives. To address scalability, efficiency, and recurring drives, they partnered with Yaksha, which provided a tailored recruitment solution. Yaksha’s platform demonstrated robustness and efficiency, handling 25,000 assessments over 1.5 years, and featured a unique initiative on International Women’s Day to recruit female coders, leading to 200 successful hires. The platform’s real-time reporting capabilities significantly expedited the recruitment process. The outcomes of this collaboration included efficient large-scale recruitment, a commitment to diversity and inclusion, and the establishment of a consistent and reliable method. Overall, Yaksha transformed the company’s recruitment approach, making it more scalable, efficient, and inclusive, aligning with its broader goals of diversity and innovation in talent acquisition.

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