Redefining Talent Acquisition Strategy For NEST DIGITAL with Collaborative Hackathons

NeST Digital is a global technology solutions provider that creates business transformation by combining their R&D, Manufacturing Expertise, Digital Technologies, and Services into integrated solutions.
As a part of their expansion plan, NeST Digital had to decide between recruiting fresh talent or developing internal talent. The new business portfolios required new-age competencies and roles. While the client was leaning towards new talent acquisition, they were concerned about the tedious processes that would be involved with the same, therefore wanted to work with a strategic partner who could streamline this process with a quick turn-around time.

What was the client trying to solve? ?

The 20+ Year old company was on the lookout for talented tech talent. With great emphasis on sustainable people decisions, they were seeking exceptional talent to oversee some of their new portfolio when they decided to venture into niche Indian markets. As a result, they sought a robust recruitment solution focused on IT roles, with the primary objective to build a team in Kerela. NeST Digital typically undertook campus hiring while on the lookout for talent coders. However, manually administering 100-odd candidates efficiently as a first-screening process would turn out to be a tedious task. Imagine the logistical hassle of such a massive exercise – assessing each candidate individually, creating a database subjectively, and identifying the thresholds. They would have to invest significant manual efforts to administer, evaluate, and declare results. Therefore, the company was eager to simplify the complexities of technical hiring through automated solutions and handpick preeminent techies and coders.
The challenges they sought to address could be summarized as:

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