The client is a Fortune 500 global firm providing IT services and consulting with headquarters in Virginia, USA. They work with a range of industries, right from banking and retail to insurance and hospitality to provide solutions in analytics, engineering, cloud, applications, and consulting. The client needed to conduct competency mapping of their employees to determine appraisals for their employees while also streamlining their deployment into projects and roped in Yaksha for the same.

What was the client trying to solve?

With the clients global presence becoming more prevelant, the cleint was very clear on its overall employee assessment and feedback goal – stay ahead of the talent curve. However, translating this goal into actionable strategy posed as a challenge, needing subject matter experts to help understand and execute its key objectives into an organizational-wide development plan. The strategy had to factor in the following:

  • Competency mapping:
    Appraisals based on feedback of the managers is highly subjective and an unfair measure of the skills of an employee. So, the client wanted to establish a fair appraisal system which was completely objective and above board. 
  • Skill profile : The client wanted to chart the growth plans of candidates and existing employees by measuring their skills, personality and abilities. An in-depth analysis of their hidden skills, strengths and weaknesses could be leveraged by the companies’ L&D department to integrate a signature training approach. It meant the company would work on candidates’ skills and traits specific to technical professions to maximize their chances of success.
  • Proctoring solutions with anti-cheating features
    The client also needed a reliable and secure proctoring solution to conduct fair assessments at a large scale. This was keeping in line with the organisation’s zero-tolerance policy for any kind of plagiarism and cheating.
  • Proctoring solutions with anti-cheating features
    The client wanted to employ a dynamic, secure and scalable battery of coding assessments and simulators to comprehensively assess and evaluate candidates on knowledge and skills across various roles. The diverse set of roles required them to have the flexibility to design assessments while having access to a large pool of question bank.

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