Save Time in Interview Process: Screen, Assess & Hire Candidates Effectively


Pre-employee assessments are a great way to gauge the skills, strengths, weaknesses of candidates while hiring and they have been the norm in one mode or another as HR professionals screen and identify the right fits for roles of their organizations. How effective these assessments are and how they can be improvised is still a debatable topic.


Hiring from campus and hiring in volumes mean that the HR professionals need to find the best fits from hundreds (sometimes, thousands) of candidates with similar qualifications. The hiring numbers are also equally high. It’s a delicate balance between finding people with skills as well as potential.

Organizations use their unique processes for assessments, however the biggest challenges that still remain are:

  • Time taken for screening, identifying, interviewing, and selecting the right candidates being very high
  • No. of candidates interviewed per role still being very high
  • Lack of a structured talent matrix of the candidates selected for further deployment
  • Further, lack of structure for document review which eats away precious time between selection and offer

Currently, the HR professionals rely highly on traditional assessments as well as an unstructured process for end-to-end management which make campus hiring a tedious and time taking process.


The solution for most of these challenges would be leveraging technology to set up the entire assessment to interview process for hiring. Integrating assessments platform/software will benefit the HR professionals majorly by cutting down the time taken for screening. End-to-end assessments platform like Yaksha solves this challenge by offering auto graded & accurate reports on the skill levels of the candidates through multiple formats of assessments.


  • Set up multiple assessments (MCQs to test knowledge, coding assessments/codathons to assess the skills of the candidates) in the hiring process
  • Screen the candidates automatically as they go through multiple assessments
  • Set-up live screening and automated proctoring while the assessments are being carried out as it shuns the room for malpractices
  • Generate advanced reports based on code quality, code smell, and problem solutions that provide you a better understanding of the coder’s skills.
  • Create customized coding challenges that mimics on-the-job problem statements to see what the candidate brings to the table
  • Integrate with other hiring software, and reduce the time taken for document reviews and other monotonous processes