ABC Corporation, a multinational enterprise, wanted to establish a strong culture of collaboration within its tech teams to enhance their project handling capabilities. 

To achieve this, they realized that the logical way forward was to evolve an ecosystem of collaborative learning in the training stage itself, so that hiccups arising from lack of communication and synergy don’t occur at a later stage.  

However, they lacked a platform that could seamlessly achieve this in an automated and scalable manner. 

What exactly was ABC Corporation trying to solve?

ABC Corporation faced a common challenge that most organizations face within their tech teams – a lack of synergy and coordination. This can invariably affect project preparedness and delivery, impacting the outcome of key projects.

Recognizing the importance of a collaborative environment in enhancing learning, plugging skill gaps and improving project handling, ABC Corporation sought to evolve an ecosystem that fosters the culture early on, so that they could ward-off any impediments due to a lack of teamwork in the future.

The only obstacle they faced was the absence of a platform that could seamlessly automate and scale this collaborative learning process.

The Idea Behind Collaborative Assessments and Why it was important for ABC Corporation

A fully customizable Collaborative Assessments Platform can be a game-changer in bridging communication and skill-gaps in tech teams.




Through Yaksha’s Collaborative Assessments, ABC Corporation was able to identify key metrics by subjecting test takers to real-world scenarios, enhancing their problem-solving capabilities in the process. The platform also provided evaluators with detailed and insightful reports that reflected the contribution of individual team members as well as the potential of the entire team.

Through Yaksha’s Collaborative Assessments, ABC corporation was able to –

Enable test takers to work on use cases by providing them with realistic, real-world problems.
Evaluate the performance of individual team members as well as understand the potential of the team.
Enable team members to coordinate in real-time through GIT integration within the environment.
Pre-configure role distributions and integrate tools within the platform.
Allow evaluators to get the full picture of skill gaps in individual team members through customized reports.

The Implementation Journey

ABC Corporation chose Yaksha’s Collaborative Assessments Platform to bring about a culture of collaborative learning during the training/onboarding phase.

During the implementation, problem statements were given to tech teams and assessments were conducted in the form of internal project-based hackathons where employees could collaborate with each other to come up with innovative solutions to problems.

Hackathons were conducted for a variety of tech roles in technologies like Java, .NET, and Python, among others.

This boosted individual problem-solving capabilities of team members whilst also encouraging a strong collaborative mindset to arrive at solutions to difficult problems.

Here are some key takeaways from the implementation journey

Yaksha’s platform provided a centralized workspace for teams to collaborate, communicate, and share project-related information.
Each member within the team could assume individual roles such as team lead etc., thereby bringing-in real-time scenarios for better simulation.
Real-time assessment-related information enabled early identification of potential roadblocks in working cohesively as a team.
A strong Feedback system facilitated input sharing and suggestions among teams.
Evaluators could seamlessly identify skill gaps among individual contributors, thereby enhancing the efficiency of their teams.
Real-time GIT allowed team members to learn and work together on a variety of code libraries. This significantly boosted coordination and lateral thinking, providing an impetus to the analytical and problem-solving capabilities of team members.

The Outcome

ABC Corporation successfully established a culture of strong collaboration and continuous learning, giving more muscle to their L&D initiatives in the process.

They got the full picture of where their teams and individual members within their teams were lacking, allowing them to plug skill gaps and brush hiccups away at an early stage.

The open communication and coordination facilitated by Yaksha’s assessments platform encouraged a culture of continuous improvement and empowered individuals to contribute their ideas, fostering a sense of ownership in team members.

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