Advanced Assessments To Enable Effective Deployment In A Global Consulting Firm

Quick deployment with reduced overheads | Skill gaps mapped to upskill better |  Evaluated via coding assessments and project-based assessments |  Mentor-led training sessions 


Our client is a multinational professional services partnership headquartered in London, England. It is one of the largest professional services networks in the world and is counted among the Big Four accounting firms. They were looking to deploy qualified employees to a new project and needed an assessment solution to determine which employees were best suited for the same. 


Being a large firm, many employees were interested in getting deployed for the project. To keep the process fair and above board, the client needed to fairly evaluate all eligible employees and deploy them as per merit. Adding to this was the time crunch. The employees had to be deployed in less than a month. They needed an evaluation of the employees’ skills while giving everyone a fair chance to get deployed into the project. 


After much consideration, Yaksha came up with a 2-phase plan to evaluate and upskill the employees.  

Phase 1: The employees were given assessments on the Yaksha Assessment Platform and their performance was scored. They were also allotted use case development. At the end of the testing, they had to do a project execution of the case study. This was enabled by integrated tech labs with assessments. On the day of the presentation the employees had to show the logic and methodology of their case study. 

Phase 2: An allocated trainer mapped out each employees’ strengths and weaknesses. Mentors evaluated their assessment report and told them their areas of improvement. Employees then had the choice to use Techademy (Learning Management System powered by Yaksha’s parent company IIHT) to drive their learning. 

After the final presentation, the employees were given 3 weeks to upskill themselves on important concepts based on their performance in the evaluation. At the end of these 3 weeks, the employees were interviewed for the project and those that met the requirement were deployed to the project. 


  • Qualified employees deployed in reduced time and overheads, based on fair evaluations  
  • All employees had their skill gaps mapped in order to upskill better 
  • MCQ, coding assessments and project-based assessments were leveraged in the evaluation 
  • Mentor-led training sessions to understand areas of improvement 

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