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At Yaksha, it’s all about helping you hire and train your people efficiently. The platform and assessments are all designed to create great candidate experience at the same time, help you measire skills accurately. Read our success stories to learn how we work closely with our clients to design custom hiring and assessment solutions that have a measurable impact on your business.

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Save Time in Interview Process: Screen, Assess & Hire Candidates Effectively

Pre-employee assessments are a great way to gauge the skills, strengths, weaknesses of candidates while hiring and they have been the norm in one mode or another as HR professionals screen and identify the right fits for roles of their organizations. How effective these assessments are and how they can be improvised is still a debatable topic.

Customised Assessments Solution for Training Needs Analysis.

The purpose of continuous learning in organizations is to ensure that the employees are not just up to date with the latest skills but also are equipped with new skills to take the organizations goals forward. However, what skills need to be learned or relearned is usually dependent on the roles and responsibilities of individuals and overall business goals.

Plan for Success - a Usecase for Succession Planning

It is a natural process for employees to move higher up in the organization or leave the organization for different new opportunities. The organizations need to prepare and plan for that so that they have the next set of people who will take up their roles and keep the business continuity. Despite knowing that, many organizations do not have a structure or process for succession planning.

Breaking the Bias - Hackathon for AB InBev to identify and hire #WomenInTech

AB InBev had some specific needs for the Hackathon. They wanted the difficulty level to match IIT level coding. Languages required by AB InBev were Java, Python, C# The hackathon was giving an opportunity for women in tech to learn how to use data, technology, and machine learning to solve real business problems.

Competency Framework Mapped Using Skills Assessments


A multinational IT services and consulting firm headquartered in Virginia, USA, needed to build a competency framework of their employees to do their appraisals mapping. Yaksha Assessment Platform helped conduct employee skill evaluations aligned to their specific job roles, enabling the organisation to take data-driven decisions for appraisals.