Upskill Tech Talent with Coding Challenges & Assessments 

August 5, 2022


In today’s business landscape, it’s more important than ever for companies to invest in their tech employees’ development. One key way to do this is by Upskilling them by introducing contemporary methods such as coding competitions & coding assessments. Coding challenges and codathons serve as a fun way to invoke problem-solving and inspire your learners to upskill and learn by themselves. They are important tools to add to your L&D strategy to bring more intrinsic motivation toward employee learning. 

Pros of upskilling tech employees using coding challenges & coding assessments 

1. Reinforces a culture of positivity 

Tech teams do well when they’re working together in an environment where they can collaborate. They can communicate with each other to figure out problems, map solutions, and build and create things. However, sometimes people who work in the IT industry can feel like they’re in their own little world and cut off from others. When employees feel like they’re constantly learning new skills and keeping up with the latest trends, they’re more likely to be engaged and motivated at work A coding challenge helps employees test and sharpen their skills. They also have a positive effect on the company’s overall mood, productivity, and morale. 


2. Induces the competitive spirit 

In today’s business world, if you want to stay ahead of the curve, you need to ensure that your employees are upskilled and updated with the latest technologies and skills of the industry. When you set up a coding challenge for your employee, it invokes a competitive spirit in them, It will instigate them to learn by themselves. Not just that, they have a two-way benefit. After the challenge, codathon you can also customize recommendations to participants on what are the skill gaps and therefore how can they overcome them. This will motivate your employees to improve their skills or learn new ones, before and after the competition too! So, if you’re looking for a way to invest in your employees and help them succeed in the modern economy, upskilling them in coding is a great option 

3. Increases your employees’ value  

Employees who are upskilled will be more valuable to your company. Upskilling increases the value of your employees by providing them with new skills, opening new opportunities, and making them valuable assets to the organization. The benefits of upskilling can range from the obvious (speeding up the career progression) to the less apparent (enhanced creativity and problem-solving abilities).  

4. Increases job satisfaction. 

Employees who can use their skills to solve problems and create new solutions will be more satisfied with their jobs. This, in turn, will lead to improved employee retention. Upskilling can increase employees’ job satisfaction by providing an outlet for their creativity, problem-solving skills, and technical expertise 


Best platforms for coding challenges & coding assessments 

 Are you looking for coding websites that can help your tech employees hone their coding skills? Here are a few that we found are the most helpful. 

1. Yaksha 

Yaksha is a platform for coding assessments that enable recruiters, tech managers, and L&D professionals to build the most coding assessments. Yaksha provides fully customizable and role-specific assessments, the platform also helps you create hyper-individualized evaluations and reports for your organization. 

Using Yaksha codathons, you’ll be able to set up language-agnostic coding challenges that help you not just engage with your employees but also identify skill levels and potential also. It’s a win-win as you can not only identify top performers in their roles but also can identify individuals who can be deployed for other projects as well. 

Some of the key features that make Yaksha the most preferred choice for coding challenges/codathons: 

  • Assessments that are both adaptive and automatically evaluated 
  • Coding assessments Supporting 71 Different Languages, complete with an Embedded Browser-Based Code Editor 
  • Evaluations based on projects or applications that have embedded Intellisense and a microservices architecture 
  • Comprehensive Analytics and Dashboards with Sonar Cube, Code Quality, Bug Reports, and Other Tools 

2. HackerRank 

 HackerRank has decent evaluation parameters and offers multiple coding challenges for your employees, however, whether or not they provide role-based challenges is yet unknown. HackerRank provides an In-depth screening platform to evaluate and interview developers based on their skills and results. Gamified and real-life coding tests may not be introduced yet. 

  • Missing a lot of theory— just a huge collection of exercises 
  • Simple and useful IDE 


HackerEarth is a well-known coding site as well for conducting hackathons. Mostly focused on hiring and identifying top talent. The feature of the comprative candidate report may still not be available at HackerEarth. It offers a bunch of interview questions and other ways to level up employees coding skills via practice quizzes and hackathon. 

  • Organizes hackathons extensively 
  • More focussed on hiring solutions. Less or no use cases for L&D 


Coding assessments can help upskill tech employees by providing them with opportunities to improve their coding skills and knowledge. By participating in coding challenges, employees can learn new coding techniques and concepts, and by taking coding assessments, they can gauge their progress and identify areas where they need to improve. By choosing the best website like Yaksha for both coding challenges and coding assessments, companies can ensure that their employees are constantly learning and improving their skills, which will benefit the company.  

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