Achieving Training Goals with Learning Assessments

September 16, 2022


Learning assessments are an important part of any training program because they can help you determine if employees have the required technological competencies. Unfortunately, this may be easier said than done sometimes. It cannot be as simple as quizzing people after class or relying on manager observations, which do not always give accurate results. There are many ways for bias to come into play when rating each individual employee at a time. That’s where learning assessment platforms like Yaksha come in handy! A comprehensive platform that can customize Learning assessments across technologies can provide you with accurate insights you need to map your training and development goals.  

When used correctly, learning assessments can be an invaluable part of your training program. Not only do they allow you to track employees’ progress, but they can also help you find areas where more training is needed. Learning assessments should be aligned with the goals of your training program as well as the goals of the business. 

Industry insights: 

The following are some statistics that prove businesses around the world value training & development goals and find it essential to meet business goals while staying competent in the market.  

What are the types of learning assessments?  

There are a variety of diverse types of learning assessments, so it’s important to choose the ones that will work best for your specific needs. Some common examples include: 

Pre-training Assessments: Pre-training assessments are used to gauge an employee’s current level of knowledge and skills. This information can then be used to tailor the training program to their individual needs. 

Post-training Assessments: Post-training assessments are used to evaluate an employee’s level of knowledge and skills after completing a training program. This information can be used to decide whether the employee has successfully mastered the material covered in the training. 

Transfer of Training Assessments: Transfer of training assessments are used to evaluate how well an employee can apply the skills they learned in the training program to their everyday work tasks. This type of assessment is particularly important for measuring the long-term effectiveness of a training program.  


How to use Learning Assessments to achieve training goals?  

    • Understanding the motive of the goals: 

Make sure everyone understands the reason for training. Employees want to know why they are being asked to participate in a certain activity and when it seems unclear, motivation will decline significantly as well because people don’t understand what’s going on or where their role fits into this bigger picture of things. Try explaining procedures thoroughly so there aren’t any questions left unanswered; make every individual feel like he/she has been included from start to finish with everything that needs doing throughout each session. 

    • Set deadlines for the goals:  

Setting short-term and long-term goals at the same time is a wonderful way to keep employees engaged. The benefits of setting both types in this manner include motivation, hope for success over an extended period (longer than just one year), increased productivity due to greater focus on task completion versus just getting things done as quickly as possible without too much thought put into each individual step along the journey from the beginning until end result–this can lead someone down the wrong path if there isn’t constant monitoring/reminders via progress reports or check-ins with peers about where everyone stands relative not only towards their own personal targets but also those set by upper management – which could then result 

    • Tracking progress and getting feedback: 

Keeping the morale of your team high and making sure everyone’s going in a positive direction is key to reaching any goal. This means checking with them regularly throughout each training goal, addressing issues as they arise so no one gets behind or is uncomfortable about their progress- it’ll be worth all those little chats! 

The goal of any learning assessment is to identify gaps, find skill discrepancies, and show training needs that directly contribute to employee performance and growth. This can be done by finding what employees need for their job and how they might carry out certain tasks, as well as providing them with more training opportunities if needed so that all individuals on your team are up to date with the latest technologies around the world. This is also a great method to get a competitive edge over the competition. 


Why chose Yaksha to achieve your training goals? 

Yaksha is a tech assessments platform that helps recruiters, tech managers, and L&D professionals build the best tech teams by offering fully customisable Learning assessments as well as role-specific assessments for hiring, deploying, and upskilling tech talent. With Yaksha, you can curate hyper-personalised learning assessments and reports for your organisation that aligns with your specific training goals. Whether you’re looking to hire the best developers or deploy the latest technologies across your organisation, Yaksha offers the tools and insights you need to make informed decisions about your tech talent.  

We offer over 100 diverse types of skill assessment tests including ones focused specifically on software development fields like .NET, Java EE & Spring frameworks so there will always be something perfectly suited towards what it is that YOU need help filling voids left by departing employees who may 



So, what are you waiting for? Try Yaksha Skill Assessment Platform today and see the difference it can make in your employee training programs. With our platform, you can easily create custom learning assessments that measure employees’ skills and knowledge against your specific standards. You can also track employees’ progress over time to ensure that they are continuing to learn and improve their skills. And, best of all, our platform is easy to use so you’ll be able to get started right away. With Yaksha, building the best tech team is easier than ever before. 

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