Top Skill Assessment Tools for Professional Growth 

March 10, 2023


Human resources are an essential resource for any organization. Good human resource professionals working towards the company’s common goals are the lifeline of any company. It is evident now that only those enterprises who have hired the right skills will survive in this competitive world. As hiring is a time-consuming and tricky process, it would be good to have some skill assessment tools handy to make this process more efficient, quicker, and less nerve-wracking for senior management.   

What do we mean by skill-assessment tools?  

Skill assessment tools allow employers to evaluate or judge to what extent the potential or current employee is suitable for a particular job role. Skill assessment can come in different forms based on the particular skill that’s being evaluated. However, the aim is to assess the thinking process and potential of the candidate for a particular job role in the organization.  

Nowadays, various skill assessment tools help to evaluate candidates objectively. Such tools judge hard-core skills like coding, designing, and writing and soft skills like communication, decision-making, logical reasoning, and so on. A whole personality test is also done to get a clear view of what the candidate thinks like their future goals, beliefs, attitude, etc. . Even cognitive skill tests like verbal, mathematics, and concentration assessments are sometimes done within organizations to understand candidate strengths and weaknesses better. 

Top Personality & Cognitive Tests 

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator:  

Myers-Briggs type indicator is one of the most popular personality tests. It is extensively used by several Fortune 500 companies in various countries. It is accessible in 29 languages, making it a global tool for self-awareness and improvement.  

  • Caliper Profile:  

Caliper Profile is another powerful personality test that is precise and agile in measuring the individual’s personality attributes based on 22 human traits and helps in selecting, growing, promoting and team building.   

  •   The Predictive Index:  

The predictive Index enables employers to hire, inspire and design the best teams at work. Used by 10,000+ companies worldwide, this talent optimization platform believes in always hiring the right person for the proper role!  

  • DISC Personality Test:   

DISC Personality Tests help employers to understand each candidate in a better way and enables better collaborations through  team building activities. It helps  candidates to conduct self-evaluation tests in 48 different areas by scoring on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the most accurate).  


Here are a few well-known Cognitive tests:  

  • Pymetrics  

Pymetrics is an assessment platform to assess candidates’ soft skills with the help of AI technology and data-driven insights. The results are unbiased and effective in attracting, retaining, and developing the right talent.   

  • Bryq:  

Bryq is a robust and agile tool for hiring and retaining the right talent in  organizations. It ranks the participants on a scale of 5-500, based on whether they fit into a particular organizational role.  

  • The Berke assessment:   

If you want objective and data-driven decisions, go for the Berke assessment platform. It conducts psychometric assessments to ascertain job performance for various roles quite precisely.    

As such, the above tests work on various aspects of human traits such as intuition, perception, strengths, weaknesses, career preferences, loyalty, workplace behaviour, leadership quality, stability, integrity, self-awareness and more and help employers and employees bring out the best at the table!  


Why Yaksha?  

At Yaksha, we provide customizable and on-demand assessments! Yaksha is a tech assessments platform that helps recruiters, tech managers, and L&D professionals build the best tech teams by offering fully customizable and role-specific assessments for hiring, deploying, and upskilling tech talent and curating hyper-personalized assessments and reports for your organization.   

Advantages of leveraging Yaksha for skill assessments: 

  • Helps to assess the potential of candidates  
  • Boosts the confidence of employees as well as employers  
  • Makes the job role and responsibilities clearer  
  • Makes way to improve one’s performance with time  
  • Unveil the lesser-known talents of the employees  

One can find the best skill-based assessment tools at Yaksha!  


How can Yaksha help you today in Skill-based Assessment? 

Well, with Yaksha, you can  

  • Attract and source top talent across technologies and stacks.  
  • Evaluate candidates faster with customized skill assessments  
  • Map skill gaps and training needs with on-demand assessments.  
  • Use advanced coding and project-based assessments to check role-fitment 
  • Build collaboration, drive engagement and foster innovation in tech teams  
  • Get seamless integration with major ATS and LMS platforms, quick turnaround times for customization, on-demand assessment creation, and a top-notch support team.  
  • Create Assessments to Evaluate Candidates in 70+ Programming Languages & Skills 
  • Hire and map skill gaps for freshers and experienced candidates, evaluate skills, and get deeper insights with role-specific assessments.  
  • Explore Role-Based Assessments across Cloud, Java, .Net, Big Data, and more  
  • Get all of this at a competitive price.  
  • Migrate workflows and create new ones from scratch without any catch!  


Various Components of Yaksha’s skill-based assessments  

1.Coding Assessments:  

At Yaksha, coding assessments are tailor-made for your hiring and L&D needs. These assessments are done across programming languages, frameworks, and libraries for hiring and talent transformation. Characteristics of coding assessments include:  

  • Adaptive & Auto-graded Assessments  
  • Coding Assessments supporting 71 Languages with embedded browser-based Code Editor   
  • Project/Application based assessments with embedded Intelligence and Microservices Architecture  
  • In-depth Analytics and Dashboards with Sonar Cube, Code Quality, Bug Reports etc.  


2.Knowledge-based assessments:  

Yaksha offers convenient and efficient Knowledge based assessments for the candidates. It provides a rich library of 3 lahks + MCQs across all the latest technologies so that you can screen and assess candidates more accessible and faster. Some striking features of knowledge-based assessments include the following:  

  • It assists in setting up top-notch assessments at a faster rate. Build assessments based on skills and job roles with a few simple clicks. Thanks to the library of 3000+ assessments across 70+ technologies curated by subject matter experts, you can get started instantly.  
  • It gives you the freedom to select the assessment format, type of questions, or no. of attempts just the way you want and schedule the assessments. Add the assessment link to your job description or invite a list of candidates to take the test.  
  • It gives you detailed insights on your candidates and employees, and help accurately gauge their skill levels, role fitment, and gaps to help make entirely data-driven decisions.  
  • Create Knowledge-Based Assessments to Evaluate Candidates in 70+ Programming Languages & Skills. 



We at Yaksha endeavour to organize Online Hackathons for you seamlessly. Codathon is a hackathon involving coding challenges or problems, typically solved using any technology. The conditions can also be language agnostic, meaning the challenge can be solved using any available technologies. Hackathons/Codathons are the best way to source, screen, and engage with tech talent. They help you assess problem-solving along with core tech skills. So, explore Yaksha’s tailor-made hackathons to discover and transform tech talent for your organization. Hackathons enable you to:  

  • Boost innovation and problem-solving skills.  
  • Attach and source top talent and engage with your existing employees and the developer/tech community.   
  • Source top tech talent from anywhere   
  • Identify skilled candidates in campus placement efforts.  
  • Engage with your existing employees.  
  • You know your organizational needs better; that’s why Yaksha lets you create challenges for Hackathons the way you want, such as what tech stacks to evaluate, what skills to assess, and what type of challenge you want the participants to solve; all these are at your fingertips.  
  • Take your hackathons a notch higher; they are stackathons! They will help you assess candidate skills on multiple technologies. Stackathon challenges feature problems requiring a candidate to work on creating an app/project end-to-end.  


4.Role-based assessments:  

Use job role-based assessments to evaluate and hire the right fit across technologies like Cloud, SAP, Database, and Networking. Yaksha’s role-based assessments involve detailed skill assessments for every job role. Now, you can evaluate the skill-role fitment of your candidates across all tech job roles using role-specific coding and project-based assessments. Our end-to-end assessments empower you to assess and hire skilled developers across various technologies.  


5.Project-based assessments:  

The main feature of our project-based assessments is that you can assess talent on real-life projects. Test your candidates and employees on real-world projects to get deeper insights into their skills. Plan it as a final step in the interview process or use these assessments to create a job-skill matrix for your organization. You can set up and customize assessments across different sectors, view performance results, and analyze custom reports with Yaksha. As every organization’s needs are different, we can help you curate solutions that solve your needs.   

Explore the library of real-world project-based assessments used by 150+ Fortune 500 companies, including top IT giants and Toolchains across many technologies.  


Features of Yaksha Proctoring  

  • Safe, secured and fortified with Microsoft AI  
  • Online ID & Face  
  • Recognition 360 Degrees Room Scan  
  • Computer Vision  
  • Object Detection Real-Time Face Tracking  
  • Real-Time Proctor  
  • Candidate Chat  
  • AI-Powered Proctoring Score  
  • Supervisor Squads and Admin Proctors  
  • End to End Encryption for Data Security  

So undoubtedly, Yaksha is a best-in-class, end-to-end proctored, highly customizable, intelligent assessment platform to help organizations create and curate skill assessments. Features like customized state-of-the-art assessment solutions and comprehensive, in-depth assessment reports offer a better insight into test takers, supporting large, mid, and small enterprises alike! 

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