The A-Z Of Tech Hiring: A Guide

July 12, 2022

As you are surely aware, demand for engineers and developers is increasing, and this is truer than ever in the software technology business today. This implies that when it comes to choosing an organization, tech professionals have a lot of possibilities. As a result, there is fierce rivalry, and tech hiring becomes difficult. In the midst of The Great Resignation, businesses must rethink their tech recruitment strategies and processes in order to attract top talents.

In today’s digital employment world, traditional recruitment methods don’t hold much water. Recruiters and hiring managers that see this and begin looking at fresh recruitment approaches will come out on top this year – creating an engaged, loyal, and future-ready employee.
You may be asking how to employ developers and engineers for your company, especially given today’s difficulties in promptly locating and recruiting for these jobs. Check out these tried-and-true technical recruitment methods for hiring developers and engineers.

Engaging with Tech Talent

To be successful, every aspect of the organization must be committed to engaging the next generation of IT talent. Professionals that identify with your brand are more likely to respond quickly to you and your company’s improvements. This way, you’ll have a ready-to-go pool of competent developers at your fingertips.


Best ways for engaging and recruiting tech talent?

Engage the talent pool with

  • Case studies
  • Assessments
  • Codathons/stackathons
  • Stackathons are a great way to judge the skills of developers on multiple technologies.


Actionable Tips to Attract/Recruit Top Tech Talent:

  • Create a corporate presence and reputation.
  • Utilize the employee connection
  • Allow for the potential of remote work.
  • Make learning and development opportunities available.
  • Provide exciting employment opportunities
  • Offer appealing incentives and rewards.
  • Invest in the appropriate hiring tools.
  • Invest In Campus Recruitment Efforts


Upgrade tech knowledge of hiring teams

The most difficult aspect of acquiring tech talent is locating HR professionals who are equipped to unearth top tech talent. Talent acquisition professionals typically do not need to have the technical skills and expertise that software developers possess, but the basic understanding of skills and technologies can definitely help.

Download the Ultimate Checklist for HR Professionals

Source better

Sourcing for a fresh job role is a difficult task. It’s getting increasingly difficult to discover exceptional applicants, job closing deadlines are unreasonable, and your talent pool is oversaturated.




Why do traditional recruiting techniques fail, particularly when it comes to screening candidates?

Most takeaway assessments need the reviewers to go through code manually. Rather, online assessment tools can evaluate and automatically give insights and reports about the skills of the candidate.
Leaving aside concerns with manual testing techniques, there is the larger issue of proctoring. Human mistakes are unavoidable during the hiring season, when recruiters are stretched to the limit. Robust proctoring techniques are the only way to assure that your applicants are not cheating to pass the exam.

Customise your pre-employment assessments



Codathon is the best way to engage with top tech talent Codathons can assist you in determining which developer candidates to continue to next rounds. These tests are simple to design and administer. The findings are presented in a manner that anyone, including non-developers, can comprehend. They’re especially useful for companies that hire remotely and, as a result, can’t conduct face-to-face screenings for potential employees. Hiring managers and recruiters can use codathons to efficiently evaluate a large number of candidates in a short period of time. They have the potential to significantly improve each candidate’s screening experience.

Host Codathons and discover the right people with the right skills needed for your organization from anywhere in the world.

Schedule and conduct face-to-face coding and HR interviews and assess them real-time.



Additional proven techniques for hiring tech talent

Gather the resources you need to make better hires: Approximately three-quarters of recruiting managers reported that the time it takes to fill positions has consistently increased over the last three years. Fortunately, interviewing/assessment software can assist recruiters in filling developer and engineering openings faster and ahead of competition by automating the recruiting process.

Working closely with the engineering team will help you gather necessary information beforehand.

Work sample tests should be used: Do you want to know how a potential recruit will do on the job? It’s straightforward. Give them a sample piece of work that is comparable to what they would be doing on the job and evaluate their performance on it. Also, it is good to have these sample assignments for all the tech job roles you are hiring for.


Hire top-tech talent efficiently, using Yaksha’s free tech hiring resources 

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