Skill-based vs Role-based – What’s the right way forward for Talent Development? 

The tech industry is facing a talent crunch, making it difficult for companies to find and hire the right employees. However, it is still possible to avoid mis-hires by following best practices such as defining job requirements clearly, using behavioural interviewing techniques, conducting thorough background checks, getting referrals from trusted sources, using pre-employment tests, and using a skill assessment platform like Yaksha. These strategies can help ensure that companies are hiring the best candidates for the job and avoid the costly and disruptive consequences of mis-hires.

How to build an L&D strategy that aligns and works with company goals

In this blog, we will discuss the impact and importance of aligning learning and development strategies with your business goals. We will cover how influential L&D leaders are in helping this alignment of learning and business requirements through statistics from around the world, we will discuss the importance of investing in learning, discuss about the knowledge value chain, and the best practices that companies can apply to refine their learning and development strategies to their business goals.