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October 17, 2023

Hiring mistakes, yawning skill gaps, and role misfits, are but some of the common and persisting issues that hiring managers across industries, and more so in IT businesses, the world over are struggling with.  

And most definitely, increasingly so in the recent past.  

Missing was an objective, fair, just, and efficient knowledge, and skill evaluation tool to help the hiring managers come up with dream teams at work- whether when hiring from campuses at the entry level or at different levels of lateral entries.  

It is not just at hiring processes that problems crop up from the management and businesses perspective in the IT industry, and now in other industries too, given the scale of post Covid digitization, automation. Issues like employee engagement, appraisals, internal job movements, skills gap, project readiness etc are becoming somewhat challenging.   

Given the scale, size, and speed of operations of IT companies, a combination of automation, AI and data driven solutions is the need of the hour.  

The one answer that may help resolve the issues that worry the HR and Learning and Development professionals is the availability of an objective, fair, fast, and accurate assessment engine, like the Yaksha, for example. 

This customizable, assessment platform helps HR, and L&D professionals to accurately assess and tailor the assessments of IT talent to suit roles, skills, and projects. It also generates insightful reports, advanced learner analytics and comprehensive competency maps that guide the managers in taking the right decisions for talent acquisition that translates into a sound business practice. 

The Yaksha assessments engine helps the HR and L&D professionals bridge the skill gaps of workforce, enhance their learning programs, and help develop their hands-on experience in future technologies, complete with access to an online laboratory for conducting practical experiments. It helps the managers map out employee competencies and baseline skills and establish a clear path for their skill development and advancement.  

And since the learning objectives are aligned with business objectives, it is an added benefit for a company keen to reskill its workforce on the bench to ready for deployment on projects. (Another problem that IT majors and minors alike face today). The learning paths for the workers could then be designed as outcome-driven and role-specific ones that help them get targeted training which aligns directly with their current or future job responsibilities and career goals.  


Helping firms hire right 

Hiring right, and effective and efficient talent management contributes to the overall business efficiency of the organisation and eventually helps shore up the bottom lines.  

Designed as the one stop solution for every staffing need of the IT sector, one that is simple, effective, and efficient enough to combine an assortment of subjective and objective tests for evaluating knowledge levels and technological skillsets, Yaksha enables hiring managers make a comprehensive assessment of a candidate.  

The assessment engine presents a comprehensive view of People Analytics, using a uniquely designed software and coding to accurately evaluate the candidate’s core competencies, monitor skills growth and talent progress across multiple metrics.  The innovation is in the simplicity of the solutions – assessment modules that have a blend of subjective and objective tests, multiple choice questions whose randomness, degree of difficulty and sequencing is so designed as to bring out the actual strength of the candidate.  

This has been made possible by marrying the assessment process with AI and Data driven processes for improving speed and accuracy of assessments needed for making the right hiring decisions. Yaksha, over the years, has become a product that has undergone continuous innovations and modifications enabling clients to overcome challenges. The skill accreditation systems provided by Yaksha conform to the best industry standards of the IT global majors.  


Innovations in Yaksha  

Blending the use of traditional knowledge assessment methodologies with advanced algorithms, and data driven evaluation systems of Yaksha presents the most efficient, objective, fair and just candidate’s assessment engine that can be trusted to make the talent hiring smoother, easier, and quicker. It solves the major staffing problem faced by the IT companies, both big and small, the world over.  

A few advanced features of Yaksha make it functionally superior to the evaluation systems prevalent before modifications were carried out in consultation with the clients. For example, the increasing use of technology and software in candidates’ assessments marks a departure from the traditional methods deployed by the HR and L&D professionals to make talent acquisition decisions. 

Take for example the AI-driven skill assessment where Yaksha leverages cutting edge artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms for making near to perfect and accurate skill assessments. The AI component of the assessment engine ensures a secure and reliable assessment environment that ensures authenticity of assessment test results.  

Now another innovation of integrating real world simulations into the assessment’s engine helps the candidates get an exposure to practical scenarios and helps them apply their learnings in a lifelike environment, to know exactly where they stand. An assessment of the project readiness thus made helps the candidates upgrade the necessary skills and become suitable for deployment in projects. This naturally leads to higher project success rate for the IT firms. 

Another aspect of the assessments engine, for the individual users, is that it enables them to know the exact extent of their proficiency in technical skills. The skills and technical certification and accreditation given by the assessments engine is known to have improve the employability of the candidates and helped in increasing deployment on projects by 25 percent.  


Unique differentiators  

A unique differentiator of Yaksha assessments engine is the Collaborative Model of Assessment, wherein multiple people can be assigned different roles and needing to work as a team to complete a digitalised project. The beauty of this assessment is that one can learn what exactly each candidate has done, what code each candidate wrote and how each person contributed to the whole project and get all this information analysed quickly. Other assessment platforms, at present, do not offer this kind of a collaborative assessment that helps in evaluating the technical ability of each member of the team and of the entire team put together.  

This is helpful as in the real world one individual does not work in silo but as a team and thus this collaborative model of assessment is proving to be a very useful tool.  

Adoptive Assessment is another unique assessment system that makes Yaksha different. In this, the system just does not mark a person right or wrong for each answer, but it tests something much deeper and gives greater insights valued by the HR and L&D professionals.  

Adaptive assessment system automatically adjusts the difficulty of the next question. If the answer to one question is right, then the system throws up a more difficult question and so on and so forth. If a second or third questions gets a wrong answer, then the system will come up with an easier question – and this form of questioning helps the evaluator to assess whether the candidate is a beginner, or intermediate or an expert.  

Or in other words, it helps one get a much better view of a candidate’s ability – not just pass and fail – but one gets the picture of the actual ability of the candidate’s knowledge and skill levels so that the hiring manager can make a correct decision.  

Another unique different offering is the reporting functionality – an integrated reporting system where you can check and see what all the assignments this person was supposed to do, how much has he completed in how much he has got it right and how much of it wrong. This gives the evaluator the ability to make auto recommendation.  

That’s the reason this is called the Recommendation engine, which is also unique to Yaksha. It allows even the HR and L & D professional without IT knowledge to accurately assess the technical prowess and skill sets of the candidates and if they are suited for a particular position. The Recommendation Engine can predict the tests required based on the inputs fed on the project nature. Say the recommendation engine can give a suggestion to the hiring manager to give these X number and types of tests to the candidate and carry out its evaluation so that the hiring manager can make an objective decision with ease.  

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