Top 5 Skill Assessment Testing Statistics You Should Know

October 20, 2022


In today’s competitive job market, it is more important than ever to make sure your skills are up to date and in demand. One way to do this is through skill assessment testing. Skill assessment tests are an increasingly efficient solution for employers to evaluate job candidates. 

While there are many diverse types of Skill assessment tests available, there are a few key things that all reputable tests have in common. First, all skill assessment tests should be job-related. That is, the skills being tested should be relevant to the position you are applying for. Second, all skill assessment tests should be valid and reliable. That is, the results of the test should accurately reflect your skills and abilities. And finally, all skill assessment tests should be fair.   

Statistics about the benefits of Skill assessment tests:  

One of the most difficult parts about being a professional is trying to find jobs. Applying for months and never hearing back can be emotionally devastating, but it does not need to have any effect on your skills or how well you will do at work!  

  • To understand areas for learning: 88% of professionals would be likely to take a learning course to help improve their skills 
  • To prove they have the right skills for the job: 69% of professionals perceive the advantages of their skills being assessed ahead of a job interview 
  • To prove their skills in the same way they can prove their education: 67% of professionals think it can be hard to prove their skills in the same way that they can their education 
  • To stand out amongst a sea of candidates: 76% of professionals wish there were a way for employers to verify their skills, so they stand out amongst other candidates 
  • To keep their skills up to date: More than 50% of professionals have been inspired to learn a new skill to keep their skills up to date 

Here are the main pain points of employers and how skill assessments help achieve goals  

The importance of investing in employee training cannot be overstated. Studies show that happy, satisfied employees are more productive and creative than those who aren’t – but how do you know if your company is providing enough? Let us find out. 

  • Dishonest resumes:  

It is no secret that many job seekers inflate their skills and experience on their resumes. In fact, a recent study found that 78% of resumes contain misleading information and 46% contain outright lies. While this may help some candidates get their foot in the door, eventually their skills will be put to the test, and they may not be able to deliver on what they have promised. That is where skill assessment tests come in. Skill assessment tests help employers check whether a candidate has the skills and experience necessary for the job. Not only do they provide hard data, but they also help to ensure that candidates are never put in a position where they are unable to deliver on their promises. In today’s competitive job market, Skill assessment tests can give you the edge you need to make sure you are hiring the best possible candidates. 

  • Skill gaps in employees: 

Human resource managers have been struggling to fill jobs with the right skills for years now. With so many potential employees out of work and looking at this promising opportunity, it is surprising that 75% of them say there are still gaps in talent among those who apply! Skill assessment tests can give valuable information about candidates’ abilities not just on one task but across all tasks they will need during their working career which would allow companies make more informed hiring decisions than ever before – saving both money and time by finding people capable enough from day 1 rather than having them learn everything as we go along 

  • Skill assessment tests help reduce turnover: 

A study conducted by the Aberdeen Group found that those who use pre-hire testing report 39% lower rates of employee departure. This is especially true for highly skilled positions. Skill assessment tests can help to identify potential employees who are a good fit for the company and the specific position. This can reduce turnover by ensuring that employees are placed in positions that they are qualified for and that they will be able to perform well in. In addition, using skill assessments can help companies to identify training and development needs for employees. By investing in employee development, companies can further reduce turnover and create a more engaged and motivated workforce. 

  • Skill assessment tests ensure higher hiring managers satisfaction:  

Skill assessment tests are a crucial tool that hiring managers can use to ensure they are making the best possible hiring decision. Skill assessment tests help to identify the skills and abilities of a potential employee and can provide valuable insight into whether they are a good fit for the position. In a recent study, hiring managers who utilized pre-employment assessments reported 36% more satisfied with their final decision than those who did not. This is since skill assessment tests provide a more complete picture of a candidate than traditional methods such as resumes and interviews. When used correctly, skill assessment tests can be an invaluable tool in the hiring process.  

  • Skill assessment test ensures high employee performance: 

Skill assessment tests assist HRs by screening candidates on their skills and abilities, employers can identify those who are best suited for the job and match them with the right role. With the right employees in place, organizations can expect to see improved performance and productivity. In fact, a study by Aberdeen Group found that organizations who use pre-hire assessments are 24% more likely to have employees who exceed performance goals. Skill assessment tests provide a valuable way to ensure that your organization has the right people in place to achieve success. 

Statistics about the benefits of Skill assessment tests 

How can Yaksha Assessment Platform help you today? 

  • Attract: Attract and source top talent across technologies and stacks 
  • Screen: Evaluate candidates faster with customized skill assessments 
  • Deploy: Map skill gaps and training needs with on-demand assessments 
  • Upskill: Use advanced coding and project-based assessments to check role-fit 
  • Engage: Build collaboration, drive engagement, and foster innovation in tech teams 



You may be asking yourself, what is stopping you from investing in an employee training program? The answer is nothing. Not only will a well-trained staff make your company run more smoothly and efficiently, but it will also encourage employees to be committed and involved in their work. And we all know that enthusiastic and motivated employees are the key to any successful business.  

So why not try Yaksha? We can help you set up tailor-made skill assessment tests that identify the strengths and weaknesses of your employees so that you can create a training program that caters to their individual needs. Sounds like a win-win situation if you ask us! 

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