Online AI proctoring makes modern hiring processes efficient

November 17, 2023

Online AI proctoring makes modern hiring processes efficient 

AI Proctoring: Benefits including acceleration of hiring process far outweigh challenges posed by the new technological hiring monitoring systems. 

After Covid dictated and brought about a paradigm shift in the way offices work – often remotely – technology has come to dominate the work place is ways more than one. These days, many workers have not seen the insides of the physical office space ever since they interviewed for a position, spent a stint and even moved on – as all of these took place remotely, online.  

Though Covid is long gone, some of the changes it brought about, especially in the realm of work and working continue to remain and often are the root cause of stress between the managements and the workers in general, but in the IT industry more or less remote work still reigns supreme.  

So, it has become vital that the new work culture evolves new systems and processes to monitor the worker – from his or entry stage via interviewing for a job to their onboarding  into a professional career.  

In India alone, the pandemic led to a 15 per cent rise in digital hiring. The SME sector supports 60 million jobs and adds 1.3 million new ones each year, according to Monster India’s latest report. And online hiring is expected to only increase further in the years to come, and which is why it is expected that online AI proctoring will also see a corresponding rise in its use. 

Already, the need for online proctoring is being felt to monitor the recruitment processes that have moved online – at least the preliminary processing of CVs, recruitment tests and interviews  happen remotely through the internet these days. Perhaps the next rounds that take place after the initial filtering may require physical interaction between the candidates and the hiring authorities in the presence of work supervisors and managers. 

So it has become imperative that recruitment activity has a robust online AI proctoring system to keep an eye on the holding of the entrance test, its evaluation and monitoring to eliminate wrong hires and fraudulent practices, if any. Now, this online AI proctoring has brought about immense benefit for both recruiters and hiring managers as the new methods involve leveraging AI technology to identify and eliminate irregularities during online tests and assessments.  

The benefits to the companies, at the outset are many.  

Online AI proctoring enabled assessments eliminates the need for physical presence for tests and hence gives access to an infinitely larger talent pool from remote and inaccessible towns and cities, across the globe.  

But the challenges in online hiring are also real.  

Finding the right, competent and skilled candidates is often difficult and time consuming. Sometimes there are fewer applications, locally talent is not available, skills gap is wide, entry of fraudulent candidates, lengthy testing, assessment and hiring processes, bad candidate experience are some of the challenges that confront the hiring managers as the recruitment process moved online.  

It is also a challenge to ensure the sanctity of the assessments phase when dealing with the aspect of fraudulent candidacy and here is where the online proctoring enabled assessments tools come in handy, as they come with an array of security protocols. Facial recognition, authentication, and activity monitoring can potentially check possible occurrence of dishonest practices or impersonation. Basically these add to the strengthening of the credibility of the hiring processes. 

In this family of automated online assessments tools comes the Yaksha assessments engine that has evolved as a just, fair, objective, incisive and accurate assessments engine that enables informed decision making by the hiring managers, and learning and development professionals in the process helping the companies to build the right talent pool with the most appropriate knowledge and skills sets necessary to carry out the projects efficiently and successfully. The Yaksha facilitates comprehensive set of data analytics for the recruiters along with insights into candidate performance, completion rates, knowledge and skill competency matrix to enable informed, data-driven decision making.  

Now what the use of the online assessments tools does is that it can process at high speeds, and is scalable resulting in reduction of time taken for the process which otherwise would have taken very long, making the hiring process efficient. Moreover, the online process also eliminates any potential biases that may pop up during conventional in person assessments. Since the machine or the online assessment process maintains anonymization of candidate details, evaluation is solely based on the responses that are checked against standardised benchmarks.  


Of course, the online proctoring driven recruitment process eliminates many costs relating to logistics, travel and physical infrastructure needed for in person assessment processes.  

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