What Are Multi-File Assessments and How They Can Help You Hire Better

July 15, 2022

Hiring talent for technical roles has become increasingly difficult, especially as remote hiring and working have become the norm. Yaksha’s multi-file assessments provide a much-needed solution for accurate skill assessments, putting an end to uncertainties in hiring and continuous learning.

Multi-file assessments or project-based assessments are powerful tools in assessing someone’s core technical skills. It can be used for both hiring new employees and deploying the current employees in new projects.  

Single-file assessments measure a candidate’s competency in a single skill area of expertise, like Java, DevOps, etc. Individually.  But multi-file assessments are more flexible and let you delve deeper into the technical skills of your employees or interview candidates. For example, you can create a multi-file assessment to test Full stack development skills in a single assessment.  

How can multi-file assessments help?   

In order to accurately evaluate the skill profile of a candidate, multiple assessments are needed across various technologies. This is necessary because a candidate’s skills could be varied and spread out across multiple functionalities. Multi-file/project-based assessments solve this challenge by presenting a single problem statement and asking the candidates to create an application or a solution to that particular problem. They are given the flexibility to use form any language or combination of languages to write their code. 

This way, the employer or hiring manager can effectively test these candidates on multiple technologies and their ability to apply their knowledge in practical, real-world scenarios. Yaksha the assessment platform, then, measures the score of these assessments automatically and produces detailed reports including the quality of the code and looks for bugs saving L&D manager time and resources. 


These assessments can be used to test candidates for not just theoretical knowledge but also the hands-on application of skills they know or have learnt. 

How to use multi-file assessments?   

Yaksha’s multi-file assessment tools can be used during both the talent acquisition process and while finding in-house talent that has the skill set to fill a particular role. L&D departments can conduct internal hackathons wherein a test case can be uploaded on the company forum inviting employees to solve the problem statement with an application or solution of their own. Undertaking this exercise will enable project managers to deploy teams who have the right skill set for a different project and across different roles. It also presents L&D managers with an excellent opportunity to find skill gaps in their employees and plan for training programs.  

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