How to streamline your hiring process with Pre-Employment Tests

August 29, 2022


Pre-employment testing is one of the most important steps in the hiring process. By testing candidates before making a job offer, organizations can save time and ensure that they are hiring the best possible candidates. Pre-employment tests can assess a variety of skills and abilities, ranging from basic literacy and numeracy to more specific skills such as customer service or computer proficiency. Furthermore, pre-employment testing can help to identify candidates who may be a good fit for a particular position, ensuring that the organization is making the best use of its human resources. Consequently, pre-employment testing should be given consideration in any discussion of the hiring process. 

There are several ways to streamline your hiring process, but one way is by using pre-employment testing. This allows you to reduce time spent evaluating resumes and focus on other essential tasks like training or developing new employees instead! 


The most important thing in pre-employment testing is to ensure that the test is valid and reliable. A valid test is one that measures what it is supposed to measure. A reliable test produces consistent results. Pre-employment tests are just one of the tools that can be used in the hiring process. Other tools such as interviews, work samples, and reference checks can also be used to assess candidates. The most important thing is to use the right tool for each stage of the hiring process.


The following list includes some effective strategies to apply during pre-employment screenings: 

  • Using applicant tracking system: 

Hiring managers can use an applicant tracking system to save time and improve the quality of hires by using messaging, customizable pre-screening questions loaded into job postings. With this software for your business, you are able communicate with candidates through a centralized platform that has all their information in one place, making it easier than ever before! 


  • Applying application prompts:  

Use the application prompts to weed out high-risk candidates. For example, even just asking someone what excites them most about joining your company can quickly filter out those who are not serious and dedicated enough for you! You should also look at people who mention core values or something related to show how invested they are when applying with your company.  

  • Using skill-assessments:  

Incorporating a skills assessment into your hiring process is essential to understanding candidates’ specific job competencies. The traditional resume outlines timelines and typically highlights successes vs documenting/scoring highly relevant abilities that would make them reliable employees, but these tools can be used in conjunction with each other for more objective results! 


  • Comprehensive background checks 

Background checks give us an idea of how high-risk this individual would be in their new position. If they pass, then it’s safe to hire them and bring on board someone who can help contribute towards achieving company goals while also helping protect against potential threats from other employees or external sources such as competitors. 


  • Integrity and personality tests  

Integrity and personality tests should be done during the interview process to give you as an employer a complete insight into who may become part of your team. The dynamics between coworkers can have vast implications for how they work together, which is why finding great personalities will help ensure that everyone feels welcome in their unfamiliar environment while still feeling like they are contributing positively towards company goals 


One pre-employment screening strategy that can be used to screen out a potential high-risk candidate is using take home projects. This shows us their work ethic and gives an idea of how hard it will be when completing any given task or project for which we have employed them. Understanding what motivates people in general can help determine who might make good employees. 


Benefits of pre-employment testing 

  • Saves time and resources 
  • Cost effective 
  • Removing bias from decision making 
  • Improving employee retention rates 
  • Improving candidate experience 



In today’s competitive job market, it’s more important than ever to make sure you are hiring the right candidates for your open positions. Pre employment testing can help you to identify the top candidates for a particular role, and Yaksha is a great platform to use for this purpose. With coding assessments, knowledge-based assessments, hackathons, and project-based assessments, Yaksha can give you actionable insights to make the perfect hire and streamline your hiring process. So, if you are looking for a better way to screen job candidates, try Yaksha. You will not be disappointed. 

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