Tackling a significant hiring difficulty in the tech industry

July 15, 2022

HR professionals like you know all too well that time to hire is a critical metric for success. The faster you can find the right candidates for your tech teams, the sooner you can add value to organizational projects. However, hunting down the best tech talent can be a challenge. While the sourcing itself can be time-taking, it can still be streamlined by using various methods.  

However, the biggest obstacle in reducing hiring times is the availability of Subject Matter Experts (Often the reporting managers of these tech roles/Delivery Managers/Tech Managers) SMEs for both screening and selection process.  For hiring tech talent, the HR professionals need SME’s inputs to create skill assessments for screening. Moreover, once the screening is done, matching the schedules of SMEs for interviewing candidates becomes a herculean task.  

And as time progresses, candidates lose interest in the role and they move on to other opportunities. The most obvious solution to this is getting more SMEs involved but that would mean more investment of their time and money.  

The need of the hour is a scalable solution that will not only help you hire faster with minimum involvement from SMEs 

Consulting and customizing skill-assessments: 

Challenge: SMEs need to help HR managers/professionals understand the skills and technologies needed for the job roles and associated tool chain for assessments.  

Solution: Consulting SMEs or customized assessments using the in-house expertise of assessment providers. Yaksha has 8000+ SMEs across multiple technologies and tech stacks who can help create customized assessments on Yaksha’s smart assessment platform according to the JDs and job roles of the organization. 

Using assessments helps you screen effectively and reduce time taken to screen in volumes. 

SME availability for interviews: 

Challenge: Even after screening, the # of candidates interviewed per role would be relatively high and to match the schedules and availabilities of SMEs for every job role takes longer. 

Solution: Consulting SMEs can take the interviews on behalf of your organization for all technical rounds which ensures that you have the right fits for skills needed. However, you can always schedule HR related (culture fit, and team fit) interviews with your internal managers.  

Yaksha provides SMEs to conduct technical interviews thereby eliminating the wasted time in hiring while enhancing the quality of hires as well. 

An end-to-end solution:

By using assessments platform for screening and SMEs for interview rounds, Yaksha serves as an end-to-end tech hiring solutions provider.  

Explore the coding assessments on Yaksha for customizing your tech hiring assessments. 

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