Problems we solve

Campus/Freshers Hiring

Streamline hiring decisions and identify top talent.

Lateral Hiring

Make informed decisions and find the perfect fit for your team.

Internal Job Movement

Facilitate employee growth through data-driven internal job movement assessments. Identify potential and align skills effectively.

Problems we solve

Employee Engagement

Nurture talent, identify skill gaps, and foster growth.


Optimize performance appraisals by gaining precise insights for informed decisions.

Technical Interviews

Make precise hiring decisions with Yaksha's technical interviews. Assess skills accurately and build a skilled tech team.



Elevate recruitment, innovation, and problem-solving in one stroke.

Automated Multi-Stage Assessments

Transform the way you acquire talent during campus drives - simplify the process, maximize the results

Composite Assessments

Combine the power of multiple types of assessments, creating a holistic picture of candidates’ knowledge, skills, and problem-solving abilities in a particular technology stack.


Role Based Assessments

Assess candidates' skill-role fitments and match candidates to relevant tech roles accurately.

Analytics and Recommendation

Optimise tech recruitment and master workforce planning with insightful skill-wise reports and analytics.

Interview as a Service

Choose from a pool of 10,000+ interviewers to find the perfect tech talent for your organisation.