15 Best Coding Assessment Software for Training and Hiring 

July 18, 2023


Candidates with excellent coding and programming skills are highly sought after worldwide, particularly in the IT industry. The significant increase in demand for these skills in recent years has made it crucial for organizations to identify effective methods of assessing candidates’ IT skills and abilities. Furthermore, traditional means of screening candidates’ skills and capabilities often fall short in tech domains. To overcome those limitations, organizations require assessment software for hiring new candidates and training existing employees with the latest technologies. Due to his high demand, coding assessment software solutions have gained widespread adoption in the tech industry. They allow organizations to build excellent tech teams. With a variety of platforms available, choosing the right one can be challenging, so let’s learn about how coding assessments work and some of the best coding assessment software for hiring and training.  


How Do Coding Assessments Work? 

Recruiters conduct coding assessments to evaluate candidates’ coding skills and abilities. These assessments are typically administered through coding assessment software like iMocha, Yaksha, HackerRank, and others. Here’s a general overview of how they work: 


  1. Candidates are given a coding assessment to complete within a specified time duration. 
  2. The assessment tool automatically scores the candidate’s performance based on various factors such as correctness, efficiency, and adherence to coding standards. 
  3. Recruiters review the assessment results and consider them alongside other factors such as qualifications and experience. 
  4. Based on the candidate’s assessment score, recruiters may proceed with follow-up interviews to further evaluate their coding proficiency, problem-solving abilities, and overall fit for the role. 


15 Best Coding Assessment Software Every Organization Should Know 

Several coding assessment software have facilitated the hiring of exceptional coders worldwide, irrespective of geographical limitations. Coding assessments help to assess candidates’ coding skills, providing valuable insights for the hiring and training process. Here are 15 best coding assessment software that can optimize your hiring process. 


1. iMocha 

iMocha is a leading cloud-based coding assessment software providing technical evaluations in over 35 coding languages. With a comprehensive content library of 2500+ skills, including sought-after domains like IT, Functional, Next-Gen, and more, iMocha offers one of the most extensive collections in the world. The platform features a fully-equipped pre-built question repository, containing over 1 lakh ready-to-use questions. Additionally, recruiters can incorporate their own question bank for further customization of assessments. 


2. Mettl

Mercer Mettl is a premier online coding assessment software renowned for hiring and cultivating top-tier coders. It provides recruiters with an integrated solution that encompasses the entire hiring process namely Planning, Screening, Interviewing, Upskilling, and Engaging. Moreover, it offers seamless integration with existing platforms and tools, ensuring user-friendliness and easy adoption. With support for over 30 languages worldwide, Mercer Mettl facilitates adaptation to diverse nationalities. 



 Yaksha is a coding assessment platform designed to support recruiters and tech managers in hiring the best coders and building top-performing tech teams. With Yaksha, organizations can unlock a wide range of benefits, as it helps design customizable and role-specific assessments tailored to unique requirements. These assessments incorporate auto-grading, collaboration, and adaptability features, enabling the identification and resolution of skill gaps across various proficiency levels. With Yaksha’s hyper-personalized assessments, data-driven decision-making becomes seamless, optimizing the hiring process and facilitating targeted upskilling efforts for tech talent.  


4. HackerRank 

HackerRank is a cloud-based coding assessment platform enabling recruiters to swiftly connect with diverse job applicants. It conducts comprehensive evaluations to identify candidates’ technical skills and generates detailed, insightful performance reports. Hiring managers can enhance workflow security by configuring access permissions and preventing unauthorized data exploitation through the implementation of single sign-on (SSO) capabilities. 


 5. HireVue 

HireVue serves as a coding screening platform that leverages the power of AI, data scientists, and industrial psychologists to minimize the risks associated with both machine and human errors. Through its comprehensive five-step hiring process—Engage, Screen, Assess, Interview, and Hire—the software guarantees the recruitment of top-notch candidates for your organization. Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates with leading ATS (Application Tracking Systems) such as Workday, SAP, Oracle, Taleo, and others, enabling smooth workflow integration. 


6. Testgorilla 

Testgorill is a highly flexible and customizable coding assessment software that empowers employers to personalize assessments, question banks, and user interfaces. Recruiters can design various questionaries types such as multiple-choice, long-form, or one-word based on the specific role requirements. Moreover, the software seamlessly integrates with leading platforms like Greenhouse and SmartRecruiters, enhancing overall workflow efficiency. 


 7. HackerEarth 

HackerEarth is a coding assessment platform that enables organizations to pre-screen candidates, reducing both the time and cost associated with hiring technical professionals. Recruiters can easily integrate the platform with application tracking software (ATS), collaborate efficiently, and benefit from valuable features. With customizable content tailored to specific job and organizational requirements, the platform offers a versatile solution. Additionally, it provides comprehensive and analytical reports, further enhancing the recruitment process.    


8. CodeSubmit 

Codesubmit is a coding assessment software that offers candidates the opportunity to tackle real-world problems, providing accurate measures of their abilities. It supports take-home assessment challenges in over 70 languages and frameworks, ensuring compatibility with diverse coding environments. Recruiters can also conduct live coding sessions, allowing shortlisted applicants to collaborate with other competitors and solve real-world challenges in real-time. 


9. DevSkiller 

Devskiller is a tech sourcing, skill mapping, and screening tool based on the company’s RealLifeTestin methodology to evaluate candidates’ tech skills. The software enables recruiters to effectively monitor the complete hiring journey of candidates, from attraction all the way to retention. It is an innovative tool for hands-on recruiters who want to access all the features they need in one tool and explore the possibility to custom-build their own features. 


10. Codility 

Codility is a comprehensive skill-testing platform that provides screening and interviewing functionalities. With similarities to HackerRank, it offers these features at a more affordable price point. Notably, industry giants such as Tesla and Microsoft are among the platform’s esteemed users. The platform incorporates features specifically designed to facilitate skill comparison among programmers, making it an ideal choice for non-technical hiring managers. 


11. CoderByte 

CoderByte provides a versatile platform encompassing three distinct functionalities and they are screening, interviewing, and take-home challenges. This customizable platform empowers hiring teams to efficiently manage various stages of the hiring process in a single location. With a wide range of integrations and customization options available, CoderByte is an excellent choice for hiring teams with specific and unique requirements. 


12. CoderPad 

CoderPad presents a live programming environment that combines live interview features with a recently introduced take-home challenge offering. Hiring teams have the flexibility to use CoderPad’s pre-built challenges or incorporate their own. The platform also offers integration options to further enhance the hiring process. The platform is best suited for companies considering the implementation of live assessments while also exploring the potential of take-home assessments. 


13. CodinGame 

CodinGame offers a comprehensive coding assessment platform that encompasses coding skill tests and skill-practicing games designed specifically for developers. Developed by former video game designers, the platform takes a unique approach to developer hiring. Developers can enhance their skills through engaging games, while employers can create captivating tests that can be set up in just 60 seconds. The platform also provides access to challenges aimed at retaining talent. 


14. TestDome 

TestDome is a versatile technical skill assessment platform catering to various industries such as programming, accounting, and customer service. While offering a range of skills tests, TestDome provides more generalized assessments that evaluate skills like sales and reasoning, rather than focusing solely on specific coding skills. 


15. Test4Geeks 

Test4Geeks is a coding assessment software that provides users with a comprehensive library of tests along with the option to create custom tests. Primarily focusing on quiz-like assessments, the company positions itself as a valuable resource in the screening process. The assessment is ideal for companies that want to screen candidates and need relatively affordable and simple software. Organizations can test candidates for job-specific skills like coding or more general skills like critical thinking. 


These coding assessment software options discussed above offer powerful solutions for evaluating candidates’ technical skills in various industries. They not only streamline the hiring process but also provide customizable assessments and extensive question libraries to meet the specific needs of organizations. With features like live coding interviews, code plagiarism checks, and integration with popular ATS platforms, these coding assessment software solutions empower recruiters to make informed hiring decisions. Each software brings its unique strengths to the table. By leveraging these best coding assessment software solutions, organizations can confidently identify and select the best candidates, ensuring a strong and skilled workforce for future success. 

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