An Efficient Assessments Engine Can Maximise Benefits From Quiet Hiring

March 2, 2023

Internal job movements provide the existing employees with chances for betterment, greater work satisfaction and builds their loyalty towards the company.  


In these days of fierce competition for skills, and given the talent crunch, companies worldwide are preferring to strengthen employee retention programs that draw heavily on internal job movements (promotions) that help the employee and the employer make realistic career growth projections.  

The many pluses of the phenomenon of internal job movements – either within the country shifting department / function wise or out of location into a different region – apparently outweigh the costs, unless it is some very hard to acquire talent plus skill sets for which the company must look outside.  

At the very outset the first advantage of internal job movement or what is often considered Quiet Hiring – without shoutouts to placement agencies and recruitment firms – the HR departments begin scouting for the appropriate talent for the positions that are opening, with consultations with the team leads on the job description and skill sets requirement, within the organisation.  

Now what this internal availability of betterment opportunities (internal job movements) does for the workers is, it gives them a realistic chance to improve in their comfort zones and even builds their loyalty factor. For the company what the presence and availability of suitable candidates internally does it to reduce the overall hiring costs, and even eliminates the running in period, so to speak, that otherwise would have had to be spent in cultural alignment of the new hires to the company’s culture and way of doing things.  

But the downside or the biggest challenge that HR often runs into while hiring internally – or promoting a person to assume higher, and or different responsibilities, is the skill gap that can affect the company operations. Are there skill gaps – both technical and power skills or soft skills required for that new position among the existing candidates from within the company?  


How to close a yawning skills gap? 

Yes, they may be willing to shift in search of better opportunities for achieving work satisfaction, and higher remunerations that go with higher work opportunities, but a yawning skill gap could play the villain.  

So, what does one do in this case?  

As a professional HR, and or Learning and Development Professional, one comes up with a plan for skill development program that equips the employee with all the necessary skills and empower him or her to carry out the assignment coming up through internal job movement successfully.  

As the cliché goes: it may seem easier said than done. Traditionally, yes, finding the appropriately skilled person for the job has been a challenge. And more so in the technical IT arena where technology obsolescence is the order of the day. But alongside, even in the arena of knowledge and skills assessment, technology, and more importantly AI driven, or AI aided technology has come up with the necessary solutions. For example, the Yaksha, a comprehensive talent, and skills assessments engine could well provide the solution to the HR and L&D professionals to zero in on the absolutely the best candidate for each position. 

If talent and skill gaps, detected in a candidate was an issue, Yaksha immediately provides a solution for this as well, by advising the most suitable training program for the in-house candidate for becoming suitable for the position offered through internal job movement. 

This assessments engine from the house of Techademy, is the result of several years of research and development by hundreds of IT engineers, HR practitioners and L & D professionals, after deliberations with various stake holders over the years. Conforming to the exacting standards of the Global Best in IT industry, the knowledge, talent, and skill accreditations that come out of the use of Yaksha’ s assessment engine are often accepted by the industry.  

Internal job mobility motivates workforce, builds loyalty 

It is with pride in our work that we undertake that we can safely declare that the assessments coming out of Yaksha – skill based, position based, or stack based — are amongst the ones that are accepted and acknowledged by the firms that have used this system. The reason is that the firms find it possible to accurately make assessments of the knowledge and skills of candidates (internal employees) for internal job movements within branches or between functions.  

According to a recent, Aptitude Research survey of more than 300 vice presidents of talent acquisition and talent management, recruiters, and IT professionals, 70% of employers say they have increased their investment in internal mobility. Conducted by Cornerstone People Research Lab and Lighthouse Research & Advisory, the 2023 survey found that nearly three-quarters of workers worldwide want to know about career opportunities within their organization.  

And nearly 50% of them are more satisfied with their jobs if they can explore internal opportunities and know they are available. This also affects employee engagement, including the factor of internal career-building opportunities.  

Briefly the benefits of internal hiring are that it cuts down hiring time, is cheaper, improves performance of the employee and thus the team, motivates the employees and builds loyalty. But the one thing that must be kept in mind when dealing with the issue of internal job movements is the suitability and can it be addressed by making the employee undergo training.  

Yes the use of tools like Yaksha assessments engine can help. 


What Yaksha can help in is in nurturing, retaining and leveraging the company’s existing talent through its efficient assessment of its skills and helps the managers make informed decisions on promotions and job and responsibility changes for greater efficiency of the firm. For sure, finding the perfect fit for the specific role in a company becomes a tad more easier as well as efficient with the use of this assessments engine that makes an objective, fair and impartial judgment about a candidate’s knowledge and skills, through a series of objective tests, and helps to unlock the full potential of the workforce.  

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