15 Best Hiring Assessment Platforms of 2023 

July 21, 2023


Hiring assessment platforms are designed to effectively gauge candidates’ knowledge, capabilities and skills. These platforms aid recruiters in assessing candidates’ technical expertise, personality traits, and performs a holistic evaluation of their suitability for a given role. Eventually, organizations derive a valuable mechanism for measuring applicants’ overall aptitude in the hiring process. 

In the past, assessing candidates’ suitability for a job relied on traditional paper and pencil tests. However, with advancements in technology, applicants can now conveniently complete these assessments digitally using hiring assessment platforms. Incorporating these hiring software applications into your organization’s recruitment process is an exceptional strategy to minimize the likelihood of making poor hiring decisions. In this article, let’s learn about the need for hiring assessments and some of the best hiring assessment platforms in 2023.  


Why are Assessments Necessary to Hire the Right Talent? 

Hiring assessments equip employers with invaluable insights to evaluate candidates’ skill sets, forecast job performance, and identify the optimal fit for each role. They help ensure that the hiring process is fair and reliable in selecting candidates.  

Assessments become necessary to hire the right talent for several reasons and some of them are: 

  • Unbiased Evaluation: Hiring assessments provide an objective and data-driven approach to hiring decisions, reducing the reliance on subjective judgments and impressions.
  • Predict Job Performance: Assessments help employers identify candidates who have the potential to excel in the role and make valuable contributions to the organization’s goals.
  • Identify Best Fit: Assessments enable employers to evaluate the alignment between candidates’ skills and the specific requirements of the role, ensuring a better fit for long-term success.
  • Improve Retention: Assessments contribute to higher employee retention rates and reduce turnover costs, as they help to identify candidates who are likely to thrive and be satisfied in the role. 
  • Enhance Business Productivity: When organizations hire the right talent through effective assessments, they are more likely to achieve their objectives and drive overall business success. 

Hiring Assessments


15 Best Hiring Assessment Platforms to Consider for Organizations in 2023 

The ability to assess both technical expertise and interpersonal qualities is a fundamental requirement for an effective hiring assessment platform. With that in mind, here are 15 exceptional hiring assessment platforms tailored to diverse organizational needs. 

1. TestDome 

TestDome is an online hiring assessment platform that enables recruiters to evaluate applicants’ skills through a range of pre-made or personalized assessments. With a vast test library boasting over 150 pre-made tests designed to assess more than 90 skills, TestDome offers a comprehensive evaluation platform. To ensure the integrity of the hiring assessment process, the platform incorporates failsafe mechanisms that effectively prevent cheating. These include copy-and-paste protection, webcam proctoring, and duplicate IP detection.  

TestDome’s hiring assessment tool seamlessly integrates with popular applicant tracking systems (ATS), streamlining the recruitment workflow. It also offers a statistical comparison feature that empowers recruiters to compare and evaluate each candidate’s performance.  


2. HR Avatar 

HR Avatar is a comprehensive hiring assessment software that seamlessly integrates text-based questions with immersive 2D animations, creating a comprehensive evaluation experience. The platform has over 200 pre-made tests designed to assess role-specific skills. HR Avatar provides recruiters with a diverse range of assessment options. Furthermore, recruiters have the flexibility to create custom tests tailored to their specific requirements. 

The software encompasses a range of impressive features to enhance the assessment process namely video interviews, customizable tests, remote proctoring, comprehensive reports, and analytics, embedded artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, candidate management tools, and automated reference checks. These features collectively contribute to a thorough and efficient candidate evaluation process. 


 3. Blue 360 

Explorance’s Blue 360 hiring assessment software offers seamless integration into a business’s current workflow or evaluation model, providing valuable insights into a candidate’s capacity to acquire competencies. Blue 360 boasts a range of powerful features designed to enhance the evaluation process and they are:  

  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics 
  • 360-degree feedback capabilities 
  • Automated evaluations 
  • Seamless integration with applicant tracking systems (ATS)  
  • Multilingual support 
  • Efficient candidate management 
  • Streamlined communication management. 


 4. Great People Inside 

Great People Inside’s GR8PI hiring assessment platform revolutionizes the recruitment and onboarding processes for businesses, elevating their game to new heights. With its advanced capabilities, it enables efficient filtering of unsuitable candidates and facilitates optimal role-applicant matching based on individual capabilities. The GR8PI platform offers an impressive array of functionalities that enhance the recruitment and onboarding experience and they are: 

  •   Test scheduling 
  • Streamlined candidate management 
  • Robust data security measures 
  • Customizable templates 
  • Comprehensive reporting and candidate insights 
  • Self-service portals 
  • Multilingual tests 
  • Psychometric assessments 
  • Open APIs and integrations 
  • Validated pre-built tests tailored to specific positions 
  • Robust anti-cheating mechanisms. 


 5. Wonderlic 

Wonderlic is specialized in measuring candidates’ personality traits, motivations, and cognitive abilities. By utilizing Wonderlic’s assessment tools, recruiters gain valuable insights into a candidate’s skills, aptitude, and areas of improvement. 

The platform’s comprehensive results provide hiring managers with a clear understanding of each candidate’s assessment outcomes. This includes a breakdown of individual scores for a detailed assessment. Specifically, Wonderlic’s Personnel Test (WPT-R) comprises 50 questions to be completed within a 12-minute time limit. This time-bound assessment provides a concise yet effective evaluation of candidates’ abilities. Organizations can assess candidates efficiently, gain insights into their strengths and weaknesses, and make well-informed hiring decisions. 



Yaksha is a tech assessment platform dedicated to assisting recruiters, tech managers, and L&D professionals in assembling the best tech teams. With its fully customizable and role-specific assessments, the platform enables organizations to effectively evaluate, hire, deploy, and upskill tech talent. Users have the ability to curate hyper-personalized assessments and generate comprehensive reports tailored to their organization’s needs.  

The platform seamlessly integrates with major ATS and LMS platforms, ensuring a smooth workflow. Additionally, Yaksha offers quick turnaround times for customization and on-demand assessment creation, supported by a top-notch customer support team. The platform is built for enterprises, catering to their specific requirements.  

Whether it’s hiring new talent or mapping skill gaps within the existing workforce, Yaksha’s role-specific assessments cater to both freshers and experienced candidates across various technologies and stacks such as Cloud, Java, .Net, Big Data, and more. The benefits of Yaksha are extensive. It helps organizations attract and source top talent across diverse technologies, facilitating the following: 

  • Faster evaluation of candidates through customized skill assessments  
  • Identifies skill gaps and training needs with on-demand assessments  
  • Utilizes advanced coding and project-based assessments to ensure role-fit 
  • Ultimately builds collaboration 
  • Drives engagement 
  • Fosters innovation within tech teams 

With Yaksha, organizations can leverage advanced assessment capabilities to streamline their tech hiring process, cultivate high-performing and innovative tech teams. These assessments incorporate auto-grading, collaboration, and adaptability features, enabling the identification and resolution of skill gaps across various proficiency levels. With Yaksha’s hyper-personalized assessments, data-driven decision-making becomes seamless, optimizing the hiring process and facilitating targeted upskilling efforts for hiring tech talents. 


 7. VidCruiter 

VidCruiter stands is a comprehensive hiring assessment platform offering integrating screening, testing, interviews, and reference checks as part of an effective hiring process. With VidCruiter, talent acquisition teams can optimize their time by utilizing pre-recorded interviews. The platform offers a wide range of additional features to enhance the recruitment process and they are:  

  • Round-the-clock support from dedicated account managers,  
  • A vast library of over a hundred customizable skills tests with optional time limits,  
  • On-demand and live proctoring capabilities,  
  • Comprehensive reporting functionalities,  
  • Robust security measures,  
  • Seamless integration with leading applicant tracking systems (ats) and hr solutions,  
  • Mobile-friendly interfaces, and multilingual support. 


8. Teamable 

Teamable presents a distinctive recruitment solution that leverages the power of candidate referrals from existing employees within a company. Recognizing that top talents often lend more credence to recommendations from trusted friends or former colleagues rather than generic job board postings.  The platform incentivizes employees to proactively reach out to individuals they believe are well-suited for open positions within their organization. In addition to its unique candidate referral approach, Teamable offers a range of other valuable features. These include:  

  • Seamless onboarding processes 
  • Efficient communication management tools 
  • Streamlined employee referral management functionalities 
  • Comprehensive performance tracking capabilities 
  • Automated assessments 
  • Effective candidate management 
  • Robust reporting and analytics functionalities. 


 9. Xobin

Xobin is a highly trusted hiring assessment software, relied upon by over 800 organizations worldwide. This candidate assessment tool uses intelligent workflows, empowering hiring managers to tailor the candidate experience through a combination of pre-hire tests, video interviews, and psychometric assessments. Recruiters can leverage Xobin’s versatile software to efficiently screen applicants across a wide range of industries, spanning technology, marketing, finance, analytics, and more. Beyond its core functionalities, Xobin offers a host of additional features. These include  

  • Unlimited candidate screening 
  • A comprehensive collection of validated pre-built tests 
  • Customizable assessments designed for various job roles 
  • Robust anti-cheating mechanisms 
  • Both 1-way and 2-way video interview capabilities 
  • Psychometric assessments 
  • Detailed reports, and valuable candidate insights 
  • Open APIs and seamless integrations with other software solutions. 


 10. ThriveMap 

ThriveMap specializes in providing tailored hiring assessment solutions specifically designed for high-volume recruitment. Their approach revolves around creating a realistic assessment of candidates, simulating a “day in the life” experience to ensure a strong fit with both the company and the role. 

This unique approach positions ThriveMap acts as a viable alternative to traditional resumes and offers a more accurate evaluation of candidates’ capabilities. Its core features encompass: 

  • Effective employer brand communication 
  • Auto-generated interview reports 
  • Candidate scoring, and leaderboard functionalities 
  • Seamless integration with applicant tracking systems (ATS) 
  • Assessment optimization tools 
  • Candidate feedback scores. 



11. Skillsarena 

Skillsarena is an advanced cloud-based hiring assessment platform that empowers recruiters to make informed and effective hiring decisions. The platform provides a comprehensive suite of psychometric assessments and skills tests tailored to a wide range of roles. Additionally, Skillsarena offers specialized skills assessments for specific industries, including retail, finance, housing, and logistics. Skillsarena’s feature set is robust and includes: 

  • A vast library of over a hundred pre-built tests 
  • Seamless software integrations with existing HR systems. 
  • Full Microsoft application simulations 
  • Video interviews  
  • Industry-specific tests that align with the specific demands and requirements 
  • A free app available on iOS and Android platforms.  
  • Proctoring measures to deter cheating during assessments. 


12. Saberr 

Saberr stands as an innovative online hiring assessment tool specifically designed to evaluate the cultural compatibility of candidates with a company. In addition to assessing cultural fitness, it also measures the potential harmony and rapport a candidate may have with other team members. 

The software offers the flexibility to operate either as a standalone system or seamlessly integrate into a company’s existing candidate screening processes. This adaptability enables organizations to leverage Saberr’s unique capabilities while maintaining their preferred recruitment workflows. 

Companies can gain valuable insights into a candidate’s alignment with the organization’s culture and their potential for successful collaboration within the existing team. This fosters better hiring decisions and increases the likelihood of building cohesive and high-performing teams. 


13. Criteria Corp 

Criteria Corp provides extensive candidate assessment software that incorporates psychometric assessments, personality questionnaires, and skills-specific tests to comprehensively evaluate applicants’ relevant competencies. The software offers a range of valuable features, including: 

  • Unlimited testing across diverse assessment portfolios.  
  • Real-time results insights 
  • Seamless integration with leading ATS and HR platforms.  
  • Video interviewing functionality. 


14. Plum 

Plum provides hiring managers with a powerful platform to assess candidates’ personalities, problem-solving skills, and social intelligence using a single psychometric assessment. To customize the assessment process, recruiters can complete a brief Role Analysis survey on Plum’s platform, indicating the specific qualities and attributes they are seeking in candidates. Leveraging the survey’s results, Plum calculates role match scores, enabling hiring managers to efficiently identify and shortlist the most suitable applicants. 


 15. Adaface 

Adaface offers a user-friendly hiring assessment software designed to assist enterprises in identifying the most qualified candidates for their hiring needs. Their focus is on helping companies discover exceptional engineers by evaluating their expertise through on-the-job performance assessments. 

Unlike traditional assessments that rely on trick questions, Adaface takes a conversational approach, engaging applicants in friendly coding challenges that directly relate to the job position. This approach fosters a more natural and interactive assessment experience, allowing candidates to showcase their skills and abilities in a practical context. 

Final Thoughts 

The year 2023 has brought forth a range of exceptional hiring assessment platforms that are revolutionizing the way organizations evaluate and select candidates. These platforms offer a diverse range of features and functionalities, empowering recruiters and hiring managers to make data-driven decisions, optimize their recruitment processes, and build high-performing teams. Furthermore, organizations have recognized the critical importance of making accurate and informed hiring decisions to enhance their talent acquisition strategies.  

The above 15 best hiring assessment platforms have the ability to provide necessary insights to identify top talent, foster cultural alignment, and drive success in the ever-evolving job market. With these platforms, companies can position themselves at the forefront of talent acquisition. In addition, attract, assess, and secure the most qualified candidates.   


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