10 Best Technical Assessment Tools for Hiring 

July 15, 2023


Filtering out unsuitable candidates and identifying the best skill-job fit has been a sheer challenge for HR leaders in technical hiring. With conventional technical interviews, despite their value in determining interpersonal skills, recruitment pros cannot help but reinforce existing biases while gauging employee’s technical skills. To address these biases and speed up skill-based hiring, technical assessment tools come to the rescue. By providing a standardized and objective method for evaluating technical abilities and skills, technical assessment tools can help you evaluate the true level of technical skill. 

In this blog post, you will learn about what technical assessment tools are and why do you need them. You will also examine the top 10 best tools for stack-based tech assessments that can help you to streamline the hiring process while improving hiring outcomes. Let’s begin. 


What are Technical Assessment Tools for Hiring? 

Technical assessment tools are software platforms or applications designed to evaluate candidates’ technical skills and abilities. These tools provide standardized assessments and tests that measure candidates’ proficiency in various technical domains, such as coding, problem-solving, algorithm design, and system architecture.  

By using knowledge-based assessment tools, hiring teams can objectively gauge how well the candidate can solve complex technical coding challenges, think critically, and collaborate with others to accomplish the task skilfully. Technical assessment tools for hiring provide the recruiters an opportunity to make effective data-driven decisions based on tangible merit-based evidence rather than subjective judgments, ultimately leading to better outcomes for both the candidates and the organization. 


Why Tech Companies Prefer Technical Assessment Tools for Software Engineers? 

Did you know why tech giants like Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have embraced online assessment tools as a key component of their candidate evaluation process? Well, there are several compelling reasons why they use technical assessment tools for skilling and hiring. Indeed, the best technical assessment tools are big-time savers and are super-efficient in eliminating the need for in-person evaluations. The best part? Well, you can identify top performers without the logistical challenges of scheduling and coordinating traditional assessments!  

Also, unlike the conventional method of assessing skills, technical assessment platforms provide great transparency in a candidate’s evaluation and aid in data-driven decision-making. Let the stats speak!


The above stats indicate a significant adoption of online assessment tools in the tech industry. And, why not? After all, it has been proven that online adaptive assessments can reduce technical screening time significantly. This efficiency enables hiring leaders to evaluate a larger number of candidates in less time, accelerating the hiring process and ensuring a more timely and efficient recruitment cycle. 

Next, let’s explore some of the compelling reasons why tech giants prefer online assessment tools for smart hiring and skilling: 

Scalability: Online assessment tools for pre-employment and post-hiring can efficiently evaluate a large number of candidates in a scalable manner. These tools automate the evaluation process to scale large-volume assessments and users, as your team grows. This eliminates the need to customize assessments for each candidate as per the skill level and competency, thereby, saving significant time and effort, for hiring managers.  

Objective Evaluation: By offering real-world coding projects or scenarios that simulate on-the-job challenges at the workplace, project-based technical assessment tools provide a standardized and objective evaluation process. They assess candidates’ technical skills and abilities based on predetermined criteria and metrics. This helps eliminate subjective biases and ensures that candidates are evaluated solely on their merit and technical proficiency.  

Technical skill Accuracy: Technical skill-based assessments incorporates pre-employment assessment and post-hiring assessments wherein candidates’ technical skills are thoroughly evaluated, thereby, minimizing the risk of hiring individuals who lack the required proficiency. By employing a competency skill matrix, you can identify potential skill gaps and develop competencies as per job roles within the organization.  

Upskilling and Reskilling: Technical assessment tools for role-based assessments provide upskilling and reskilling opportunities by designing targeted training programs for your employees. Since adaptive assessments incorporate customization options that enable designing tailored assessments for delivering upskilling and reskilling solutions for your future tech force.  

Data-Driven Decision Making: Technical assessment tool for software engineers can generate powerful data and analytics that provide insights into candidates’ performance, skill gaps, core skills, and future competencies. Real-life tech projects can pave the way to assess the existing technical competencies that fall short of the desired level and also help you promote continuous learning and development opportunities based on these insights. 

Now that you know why conducting accurate technical assessments is crucial for tech hiring, it’s time to explore the best technical assessment tools that can improve your hiring process. 


Top 10 Technical Assessment Tools for Hiring – A comparative analysis  

Listed below are the best technical assessment tools that can streamline the hiring process and identify the right skill-job match faster. Read on. 

#1 Yaksha’s tech assessment platform: The Yaksha technical assessment tool features an integrated tech assessment framework that integrates seamlessly with existing platforms such as HR systems, ATS and LMS, and third-party ecosystems. This lets you transfer candidate data, assessment results, and feedback between the coding assessment platforms seamlessly. An outstanding feature of this technical assessment tool is that the platform integrates live tech assessments you can simulate hands-on lab environments to help your workforce gain exposure to real-time tech challenges in the workplace environment.  

Through role-based assessments, the Yaksha assessment tool provides the opportunity to customize learning paths for candidates in diverse programming languages such as Dart, Python, Java, Node JS, PHP, and more. The platform also incorporates an automated assessment process to generate meaningful insights into employees’ strengths, weaknesses, and proficiency levels in specific areas.  

A USP of the Yaksha assessment tool is that you can derive a comparative skill gap analysis based on a candidate’s performance across diverse tech stacks in more than 71 languages!  Besides, the platform supports a robust scalable infrastructure to accommodate a large number of candidates and assessments simultaneously, while providing an efficient way to evaluate a wide pool of potential hires. 

#2   HackerRank: HackerRank is a popular technical assessment tool known for its comprehensive features and its ability to assist in hiring and skilling software engineers. Apart from offering a vast library of coding challenges that cover various programming languages, the assessment platform allows candidates to write and execute real-time code directly within the platform. Besides, HackerRank’s platform enables recruiters to assess candidates’ skills objectively, ensuring that hiring decisions are based on merit and technical proficiency. 

#3 Codility: Codility is a widely used technical assessment tool that offers various features to assist in hiring and skilling software engineers. Codility provides a platform to create and administer coding assessments, allowing recruiters to evaluate candidates’ coding skills, problem-solving abilities, and algorithmic thinking. Recruiters can design custom assessments or choose from a library of pre-built coding tasks. Codility automates the evaluation process by providing an automatic assessment of code submissions. The platform checks the correctness, efficiency, and performance of candidates’ code solutions.  

Candidates can write and execute code directly within the Codility platform. This real-time code execution environment allows recruiters to assess candidates’ coding proficiency, code readability, and ability to solve coding challenges within a time limit. Codility provides detailed insights into candidates’ performance on coding tasks. 

#4 LeetCode: LeetCode offers an extensive library of coding problems covering a wide range of topics, algorithms, and data structures. The coding problems on LeetCode are often designed to simulate real-world coding scenarios. This helps developers understand how to apply their skills in practical situations and develop coding solutions that are efficient and scalable. LeetCode categorizes problems by topics and difficulty levels, allowing users to search for specific skills or areas of interest. This categorization makes it easier for developers to focus on particular skills they want to improve, which can be useful for targeted skill development and enhancing specific technical proficiencies. 

#5 CodeSignal: CodeSignal allows recruiters to create and administer coding assessments to evaluate candidates’ coding skills, problem-solving abilities, and technical knowledge. These assessments can be customized to align with specific job requirements and can cover a wide range of programming languages and domains.  

CodeSignal offers real-world project-based assessments that simulate tasks and challenges that software engineers encounter in their day-to-day work. Through automated evaluation of code submissions, the platform checks the correctness, efficiency, and performance of candidates’ code solutions. This saves time for recruiters and ensures consistent and objective assessment results. 

#6 TestDome: TestDome offers a diverse question library covering various programming languages, frameworks, and technical concepts. The platform provides a wide range of coding challenges and multiple-choice questions that can be used for skill development and assessment purposes.  

TestDome allows recruiters to customize assessments based on specific job requirements and technical skills. The platform focuses on real-world problem-solving scenarios that simulate practical coding tasks that software engineers often encounter in their work. This approach provides candidates with opportunities to showcase their problem-solving abilities in a realistic context. By automating the scoring and evaluation of candidates’ responses, the platform automatically checks the correctness and efficiency of code solutions and provides instant feedback and scoring. This saves time for recruiters and ensures consistent and objective evaluation results.  

By providing detailed performance insights and analytics for each candidate, the platform allows recruiters to make informed decisions based on objective performance metrics. Besides, the platform also offers remote proctoring capabilities, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of the assessment process.  

#7 DevSkiller: DevSkiller offers real-world work samples and coding challenges that closely mimic the tasks and challenges encountered in actual job roles. The platform includes hands-on coding tasks where candidates can write code directly within the platform. This enables recruiters to assess candidates’ coding proficiency, problem-solving capabilities, and code quality. By providing automatic scoring and assessment of candidates’ coding solutions, the platform ensures correctness and efficiency, thereby saving time and ensuring consistent and objective evaluation results. 

DevSkiller offers real-time collaboration features that enable candidates and recruiters to work together on coding tasks. Additionally, the platform also offers detailed reporting and analytics on candidates’ performance, including code quality, correctness, and efficiency that enables HR leaders with informed decision-making. 

#8 Interview Mocha: Interview Mocha offers pre-employment assessments that evaluate candidate’s technical skills, coding abilities, and problem-solving capabilities in various programming languages and frameworks. These assessments can be customized to match specific job requirements and technical skills. The tool allows for creating assessments in various programming languages and frameworks, wherein the candidate can write and execute code directly within the platform. 

Interview Mocha offers skill-based assessments to evaluate candidates’ knowledge and proficiency in specific technical areas. Recruiters can create assessments that target particular programming concepts, algorithms, data structures, and more. The assessment tool enables HR leaders to make data-driven decisions by providing detailed reporting and analytics on candidates’ performance, including coding speed, correctness, and efficiency. 

#9 Mettl: Mettl technical assessment tool provides coding assessments that evaluate candidates’ coding proficiency, problem-solving abilities, and logical reasoning. These assessments cover various programming languages and allow recruiters to assess candidates’ coding skills in a real-time coding environment. By employing adaptive testing techniques, the platform ensures that candidates are appropriately challenged, providing a more accurate assessment of their skills and capabilities. By automating knowledge-based assessments, you can check the correctness and efficiency of code submissions, providing instant feedback and scoring. This saves time for recruiters and ensures consistent and objective evaluation results. 

Mettl provides comprehensive reporting and analytics on candidates’ performance. Recruiters can review metrics such as coding speed, accuracy, and problem-solving approach to gain insights into candidates’ technical capabilities. These insights help in data-driven decision-making and the identification of top candidates. 

#10 CoderPad: CoderPad is a collaborative assessment platform that offers a collaborative coding environment where candidates can write and execute code in real time. Recruiters and candidates can work together on coding challenges, enabling interactive coding sessions during interviews or assessments. The technical assessment tool supports real-time communication features, such as live chat and audio/video conferencing, which allow recruiters and candidates to communicate while working on coding challenges. This fosters effective collaboration and provides opportunities for clarifying doubts or discussing solutions.  

CoderPad tech assessment tool also supports a wide range of programming languages, allowing candidates to choose the language they are most comfortable with during coding assessments. The platform integrates with applicant tracking systems (ATS) and other HR systems, enabling recruiters to seamlessly manage the assessment process within their existing workflow and tools. 

Final Thoughts 

Overall, you may find many online technical assessment platforms for hiring and skilling that claims to be the best technical assessment tool to do the job. But NOT all platforms can achieve the desired hiring and skilling outcomes. Some pre-employment assessment tools might lack extensive customization options, others may lack robust collaboration capabilities, limiting the assessment experience. Again, not all assessment platforms may offer seamless integration options, leading to operational challenges and inefficiencies in managing the assessment workflow. 

To select the right assessment tool that aligns with your business goals, you must evaluate assessment platforms based on their specific hiring and skilling objectives, considering factors such as assessment scope, customization options, evaluation metrics, collaboration features, diversity considerations, skill development resources, and integration capabilities. 

If you are looking to streamline your tech hiring process or identify the best skill-job fit for your tech team, look no further. Schedule a demo with us today to explore how Yaksha’s single-stop tech hiring assessment solution speeds up your hiring process and optimizes resource utilization for your tech team.    


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