Yaksha Tech Profile Builder – Curate Comprehensive Employee Profiles  

Simplify the recruitment process with a holistic view of each employee’s skillset, showcasing their achievements against diverse skills. Make data-driven decisions and personalized development strategies. Save time by effortlessly matching candidates to their specific competency requirements. 

Skill-based Score Analysis to Unlock Core Competencies and Identify Untapped Talent 

Data is your ally in both employee development and recruitment. Skill-based score analysis uncovers hidden strengths and opportunities for skill improvement. Make informed actions with insights that highlight individual strengths and areas for improvement.  

Track Individual Skill Progress to Monitor Employees’ Skill Development  

Regularly track the individual’s progress on each skill and evolving competencies. This can involve self-assessments, practical tests, or project completion that demonstrates the application of skills. Watch their progress scores come to life with stunning graphs and charts that showcase their ascent toward tech mastery. Stay updated with the latest industry trends, ensuring their skills are relevant and cutting-edge. 

Build Personalized Training Plans to Adapt to Technological Demands   

Using our Tech Profile Builder, L&D professionals can identify employees’ existing skills and potential areas for growth to align training programs and initiatives precisely to ensure skill development. This serves as a roadmap for performance appraisal accuracy, succession planning, and workforce agility. 

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