Yaksha Conversational AI - Immediate L&D Support, 24/7 Assistance, & Resolution 

L&D troubleshooting is now as simple as having a conversation. Uncover the magic of Yaksha’s Chatbot and witness how it guides you through the L&D challenges effortlessly. Resolve issues seamlessly related to accessing technical assessments, proctoring, errors, and more hassle-free.  

Minimize Resolution Wait time with Real-time Troubleshooting 

Gain access to instant solutions to common issues, queries, tips, and refine your L&D strategies. Whether it’s about suggesting tailored learning paths, recommending resources, or assisting with technical issues, our Chatbots are always ready to help. 

Unmatched Speed with 24/7 Quick & Accurate Assistance 

Say goodbye to endless queues and frustrating resolution wait times. Get access to instant solutions to common issues, ensuring your team can continue learning without unnecessary delays. Whether it’s clarifying doubts, navigating technical hiccups, or guiding learners through content, with lightning-fast issue resolution, you are one step ahead of the curve.  

Sense of Support and Assurance Round-the-Clock 

Navigate challenges with confidence and assistance that is readily accessible. Our Chatbot offers step-by-step guidance, walking you through the troubleshooting process and offering expert insights. With our Chatbot, you’ll experience lightning-fast issue resolution that keeps you ahead of the curve in fostering a positive assessment environment. 

Peaceful Assessment Experience with Tailored Guidance and Solutions 

With non-intrusive Chatbot support, experience the peace of mind that comes with constant availability and reliable assistance to navigate any situation. Tailored responses and solutions ensure that the support you receive is relevant to your specific challenges. Users can resolve specific queries without disrupting their concentration, contributing to a peaceful and productive testing environment. 

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