Collaborative Assessments

Yaksha’s Collaborative Assessments fosters teamwork and peer learning, allowing employees to collaborate on group projects, team-based assessments, and knowledge-sharing activities. LnD and HR professionals can use this feature to promote a culture of collaboration, enhance team dynamics, and encourage employees to learn from each other’s expertise.

Building Stronger Teams and Smarter Organizations with
Yaksha's Collaborative Assessments 

Transform Your Workforce into a Cohesive Learning
Community with Yaksha's Collaborative Assessments  

Experience the Future of Collaborative Learning with
Yaksha's Engine – Where Cooperation Meets Innovation.  

Team-Based Use Case

Engage in collaborative problem-solving within a team setting, fostering a dynamic and cooperative learning environment. 

Integrated Collaboration Tools

Seamlessly access all necessary collaboration tools within the platform, streamlining teamwork and knowledge sharing. 

Tracked GIT Activities

Monitor and analyze GIT activities executed by the team, providing insights through a comprehensive and detailed report. 

Comprehensive Auto-Evaluation

Experience an all-encompassing evaluation that assesses the project, individual contributions, and overall teamwork. 

Real-Time GIT

Enjoy instant access to real-time GIT collaboration, enabling fluid cooperation and enhancing productivity. 

Preconfigured Role Distribution

Effortlessly assign roles within the team, ensuring efficient collaboration and smoother assessment allocation. 

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