Yaksha Assessment Platform - Ensure Seamless Administration Of Assessments

At Yaksha’s core lies its Assessment Platform powered by Microsoft Azure’s robust and stable architecture. The platform empowers L&D and HR professionals to create and deliver diverse assessments that accurately measure employees’ skills and competencies while supporting a wide range of assessment types like multiple-choice, open-ended, coding challenges, and more. It ensures seamless administration of skill assessments, automated grading, and quick generation of insightful reports.

Conduct Multiple Assessments Simultaneously

Yaksha Assessment Platform excels in seamlessly managing multiple concurrent assessments while maintaining a stellar user experience. With an average response time of 81 milliseconds, Yaksha ensures swift and smooth navigation for both administrators and participants.

Conduct Assessments Across Diverse Skills

Seamlessly organize various assessments within a unified interface to simplify the assessment process for both administrators and participants. Effortlessly evaluate coding skills and other proficiencies in one comprehensive platform, enhancing efficiency and providing a holistic assessment experience.

Guarantee Scalable, Fast, And Consistent Performance

Yaksha Assessment Platform boasts cutting-edge auto-scaling capabilities, ensuring smooth management of numerous concurrent assessments while upholding an impeccable user experience. No matter the load, Yaksha dynamically adapts its resources to match demands. Participants can engage seamlessly without disruptions, as Yaksha’s auto-scaling maintains optimal response times. 

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