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Reform the way your organisation conducts assessments. Experience flawless proctoring with state-of-the-art technology. Our years of experience in providing HR and Learning & Development solutions enable us to understand the gaps within the system and deliver resilient solutions

Why Choose Yaksha For Your Proctoring Needs?

Unparalleled Accuracy

Our cutting-edge AI technology provides a 360-degree view of exam-takers, ensuring a secure and cheating-free evaluation environment.

Streamlined Integration

Seamlessly integrate our platform with your existing examination systems and Learning Management Systems (LMS) for a hassle-free setup.

Browser Window Restrictions

Prevent unauthorised access to resources during exams with intelligent browser monitoring, maintaining the integrity of assessments.

Real-time Face Scan and Tracking

Our face scan and tracking features guarantee that the right person is taking the test, enhancing exam security.

Unparalleled Invigilator Components 


Use artificial intelligence, scan the participant’s government-recognised identification, and match it with the face. Once the participant logs in, the system captures a photo again and tracks the movements throughout the process.

Manual Proctoring

Based on your specific needs, our manual proctoring solution can be customised and scaled at large. Yaksha offers a blended proctoring solution where both AI and Human proctors are involved, allowing the proctors to review the situation in an analysis window before deciding whether to intervene or not.


Need a 360° view remotely? Yaksha has got your back. The test-takers' rooms are scanned using AI, and red flags are raised to the invigilator in case of non-compliance.

Comprehensive Reports

Detect any non-compliance from the participants. Record data in audio, video, screenshots or file formats depending on your preferences. Access detailed reports if the participants cover their faces, attend phone calls, or browse phones.


Terminate any web activity marked in the red zone. Web-minator, with its keen foresight, identifies applications that can compromise the test environment and auto closes them. You can authorise the applications necessary for the participants to perform the assessments. 

Voice Detection

Record the voice of the candidate to verify it later with the audio recording from proctoring session.

Background Noise and Object detection

A complete background scan is performed, and this is especially needed when high stake assessments are taken. AEye looks for any background sound, movement, object detection and unethical activities to ensure compliance is maintained throughout the process.

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