Having the right talent with the right skills is critical to your success.

We get understand this. That’s why we’ve designed our assessment platform to do the heavy lifting for you. This starts with our End-to-end role-based assessments, giving you clear data to make informed learning decisions, rather than relying on instincts and assumptions.

Turn assessment results into a development roadmap

Validate role-fitness with role-based assessment, so you can make the best possible hiring decision or have upskilling paths set when they start; learning journeys that would help them onboard, learn your unique toolsets, processes, and technology, and help predictably bring their tech skills to where you need them.

Choose from Our Library of Pre-Built Role-based Tests or Customize as Required.

Help your teams get certified in record time on tech skills the IT ecosystem forward. Leverage our large pool of role-based assessments to validate knowledge progression in an accurately and objectively.

  • Validate learnings with constantly updated exams, quizzes, and prep, to continually improve your team’s skill profile.
  • Monitor proficiency levels as skills update in real time with every course, quiz, exam, lab, and certification completed.
  • Get your team exam-ready with structured training plans and deadlines

Choose from Our Library of Pre-Built Role-based Tests or Customize as Required.

Our Experts Can Curate the right Technical Assessments for You, Using Specific Technical Competencies

1. Understanding the Competencies

Basis the job role, industry & organization specific content

2. Creating Assessment Blueprint

That list skills and subskills essential to cover each technical competency

3. Competency-wise Content

Creation, from our repository or with the help of SMEs

4. Designing Assessments

From a combination of question types and as per customization requests

Know the true tech skills of organisation

Discover where your organization stands at a glance and begin extending skills right away with comprehensive learning paths. Test your candidates and employees on real-world projects to get deeper insights into their skills and create long term job-skill matrix for your organization.